when things go wrong what to do when everything goes wrong

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When things go wrong what to do when everything goes wrong

The third episode of the Life of Joe is about when things go wrong and what to do when everything goes wrong.


Joe learns what to do when everything goes wrong in life

In the previous episode, Joe attended the first lesson of the how to be happy in seven days course. Guru Loveyourdollar gave Joe some assignments. Joe faithfully completes his assignments, but the results are not exactly what he expected. Things are bad and poor Joe is confused and frustrated.


what to do when everything goes wrong

Explaining what happens when things go wrong and why things happen in life

The entire creation works under a law of action and reaction.  Let’s be clear I am not referring to the insane Law of Karma that deals with retribution, punishment, and reward.

Not at all, I am referring to the undeniable fact that every action we do in this life (and that includes thoughts and emotions) has an effect and causes a reaction.

The law of action and reaction does not “judge or discriminate” it has no “opinions” and it has no regard for past actions. It only responds to what takes place in the now. This law follows a pattern, and nothing in creation, whether animate or inanimate can escape this pattern.

Fortunately for us, the Higher Intelligence that created us has engineered us to be successful and resilient. As human beings, we are equipped with resources and abilities that, when used correctly, guarantee us success.

We also have the ability to learn from past events and set into motion a continuous improvement pattern. Life is a giant classroom–it was never intended to be a courtroom. Learning to take responsibility for our “actions” is the key that unlocks the door of this classroom.


Why do things keep going wrong in your life and on planet earth in general

Fear and its ugly seven children pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth are directly responsible for all the atrocities that take place on planet earth–and in our immediate lives.

It is no wonder that the scriptures label fear’s ugly daughters as the seven deadly sins. They are not deadly because they cause you to “sin” and end up in the eternal heavenly roast house. They are deadly because they have the ability to destroy every opportunity of long lasting happiness. Nothing good can take place in our lives if we allow fear and her daughters to enter our minds.

In this episode, Joe’s actions, thoughts, and emotions cause the law of action and reaction to deliver him into the hands of the fraudulent Guru Loveyourdollar. It also causes poor Joe a lot of emotional and physical pain. I will write a little more about each individual action that caused the situation to go from bad to worse.

Guru Loveyourdollar’s greed also causes him to end up badly.

Indeed, I note that most of the merchants of the Law of Attraction, Gurus and spiritual teachers who are raking in billions of dollars from desperate people, are ending up spending their ill-gotten fortunes in hospital bills, legal fees, and other unexpected tragedies.

This, of course, has nothing to do with “punishment” for robbing vulnerable people.  This has more to do with the fact that when people set out to rob others they “inherently” know that they are doing wrong. No amount of denial, logical excuses and clever thinking can take away this sense of “guilt”. 

There are people out there who seem to have no conscience whatsoever.  Such people are incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or shame.  And guess what?  These people go on to live happy and healthy lives enjoying a life of luxury and plenty.  While the pious “good” people are miserable, sick and broke all their lives.  Does not seem fair, right?  Yet this is how the Law of Action and Reaction works.


Remove fear from your life is the first step how to stop bad things from happening

As mentioned earlier, fear and its ugly daughters, are primarily responsible for all the calamities and atrocities that are taking place on planet earth. Without the toxic effect of fear and its derivatives, planet earth would be paradise. 

Another episode of the Life of Joe will reveal the secret that will help you turn your life around.  But for now, focus and contemplate on this message: “fear is at the root of all the mishaps that you have experienced in the past, are experiencing now and will experience in the future. 

Fear (other than logical and helpful self-preservation instincts) totally dis-empowers you and causes you to energize the adverse conditions that are affecting you right now.


People are engineered to be good

The noisy fraudulent fake media propaganda thrives on spreading fear.  With the exception of a very few professional journalists, the media today is nothing more than a vendor of fear and horror stories. 

There is not stopping at what media magnates will do in order to sell a few extra papers or increase their ratings. 

They will shamelessly publish lies, fear mongering stories, and total fabrications.  This is because media magnates know that “Fear Sells”. 

In media circles, a well-known saying reminds all journalists that “If it bleeds it leads”.

So the media is the primary pusher of “fear”.  Major channels with a few exceptions are spreading lies and are pushing messages of uncertainty and fear.  The message is always the same: nothing is going right with the world and that this planet has now become a dangerous place in which to live.

During my formative times, my teachers asked me to stop reading newspapers and following major news channels renowned from spreading lies and destructive messages.  The rule of thumb was “trust your intuition” if what you read causes you to feel a sudden rise of negative energy–stop watching.

I promise you this much, if you stop subscribing, buying newspapers and tabloids and generally following noisy major channels, you will …

  • Find a renewed peace in your heart. 
  • Your level of fear will drop dramatically, and consequently, the quality of your thoughts will improve.

This is because fear is an infectious and dangerous energy.  Fear is capable of causing people to lose their sense of humanity and to commit atrocities as well as a lot of damaging acts.

What the irresponsible, fraudulent, criminal media magnates do not realize is that fear is “energy”.  Fear does not dissipate after the viewer or reader is infected by a story–it actually spreads like a highly contagious airborne virus.

What is real and true is the fact that people are inherently good.  Higher Intelligence has engineered the human race to feel good when they do acts that benefit the whole.  For this reason, people love to participate in friendly and productive activities.

Moreover stop listening to fear mongering preachers quoting bible verses about the world getting worse.

The world is not in the hands of evil.  The majority acts that take place on planet earth are acts of kindness and care for people and the environment.

This is because Higher Intelligence created the human race to evolve further and be a caretaker for creation.


What to do when everything goes wrong

  • If you are religious run this exact search words on Google ” bible + what to do when everything goes wrong “
  • Refuse to give in to fear.  If you sense dread and terror, reach out for one of my meditations.  The Miracle Healing Prayer is a powerful antidote to fear.  Do this even if you are not religious.  The Miracle Healing Prayer stabilizes people and puts them in touch with their inner resources.
  • Use the spiral meditation and the breathing meditation.  These short meditations will help you immensely by diminishing the overpowering physical effects that fear has on the nervous system
  • Remain firmly in the NOW.  Fear thrives in the future.  Remaining in the NOW will give you a clearer perspective on where you are and your options for recovery.
  • Accept the event that has thrown you into distress.  Then swiftly move on to recovery action.  A simple “There is nothing I can do about this situation, I am going to deal with it the best I can one day at a time” can help.
  • Avoid confiding in people who are likely to further dramatize the situation.  The last thing you need is to have the energy of fear energized and amplified by someone else–no matter how loving the person is likely to be.  As a rule, the more people feel miserable for you, and the more intense the energy of fear will become.
  • Always reach out for the next best emotion.  Books and potions and various blessings that promise to take you from terror to happiness in one jump are mostly fraudulent.  Unfortunately, there is an ever increasing number of scammers predators charging from $1500 up to $25,000 for such healing sessions.  Frankly, I am surprised at how many people in the helping industry who started as sincere and kind hearted helpers do succumb to greed and become predators. 
  • The fact is that human beings are not engineered to make such large jumps in emotions.  So if you are in a state of absolute terror, reach out for a sensation of hope.  You will be surprised how easy it is to go to hope–especially if you reach out to a good friend.
  • Don’t do it alone.  Human beings are social animals and locking yourself away from others will only cause you to fall deeper into the sense of fear.  If you lack good friends visit a counseling center, a hospital counseling service.  Most countries have telephone services such as Life Line.  Having been a Life Line counselor, I vouch for the sincerity, the skills and the care of the telephone workers.  You do not have to reveal your identity to them.  Just pick up the phone and call.  During my time at Life Line, I met some of the most beautiful people on this planet–caring, non-judgmental and willing to listen to people irrespective of creed, race or social status.

The list above is a good start getting it right when things go wrong.  Obviously, it is not a comprehensive list of what to do when everything goes wrong.  Future episodes of the Life of Joe will further deal with what to do when things go wrong in life.


when things go wrong


For now remember the advice that Dr. Suk gave Joe:  “Sometimes, my dear Joe, you don’t know how lucky you are until you look in the eyes of someone else who is suffering more than you.”

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