Today I choose to be happy I just wanna be happy

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Today I choose to be happy – I just wanna to be happy

I get so many healing requests that read: ” I just wanna to be happy “. My reply to all of them is the same: ” Instead of saying: ” I just wanna be happy, say:” today I choose to be happy “.

The merchants of the law of attraction tell us that happiness is a choice.  It is true that they are making billions on the back of depressed, sad people.  I am sure this must make them happy.  🙂

There are so many books on the topic of how to be happy with yourself are they not? Yet it seems that unhappiness and depression are the prevalent energies in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The Life of Joe videos will show you the key to success that will guide you how to be happy or at least less sad. 🙂 and it won’t cost you a cent.


Happiness is a duty – so say ” today I choose to be happy ” rather than ” I just wanna be happy “

Indeed, ancient TAO masters tell us that ” happiness is a duty “. This is because at energy level sadness is one of the most infectious and contagious energies of them all.

Most people believe that their thoughts of sadness and disenchantment are safely contained in their heads. The TAO and Kabbalah teach us otherwise. Indeed even the traditional scriptures warn about allowing negative and destructive thoughts into our minds.

There is no apparent value in being unhappy, despondent and sad. Quite the contrary, it seems that the more you allow yourself to vibrate at the “frequency” of sadness and the more difficult it is to regain happiness.

Of course, with all due respect to the Spiritual Masters, and the merchants of the Law of Attraction, all these teachings are easier said than done. This is the reason why so many walk away disillusioned.

Not everyone is able to switch from unhappy thoughts to happy thoughts–especially when life-altering tragedies occur.

In the Life of Joe series, we will study how Joe manages to turn his life around, and the kind of help he attracts that shows him the way how to be happy again.


Today I choose to be happy – The Life of Joe Episode 1

In this first episode, Joe is depressed and upset. He seems to be saying what a lot of sad people who buy books from the merchants of happiness are lamenting.

Joe is saying “ if happiness is a choice why am I still sad ?”

However, something good is happening in the background.

Did you spot what it is? After telling us about his depression, poor luck, and loneliness he states that he wants to try something new.

Joe says “I think I will enroll in the how to be happy in 7 days seminar”. 

In other words, Joe is taking action. He is no longer accepting his victim mentality and is looking for help.

Notice how the audience laughs derisively at his intention to get help? Does this sound familiar?

today I choose to be happy I just wanna be happy

Taking action for happiness always attracts opposition

Remember that the moment you start looking for ways how to become a happier more positive person, you will find a surprising amount of opposition coming from all around you.

Indeed the people who may be opposing you will be those closest to you.

There is also the chance that those people who are controlling you will shriek in horror when you announce your intention to take action for happiness.

I call these people “psychic vampires”. This is because these people feed on your energy and demand nothing else but total control over your life. Do you have any such people in your life?

Nothing is going to dissuade Joe from attending the ” how to be happy in 7 days seminar “.

Sure, it may not be the answer to his problem–but it is something! It is a step towards the right direction.

My advice to you is to stop saying “I just wanna be happy”.

Every day say “I choose to be happy! Say it with conviction, just as if you were giving an order to a subordinate in the army.  If you take control, I promise you–you will see results. Say it now! Say it aloud ” today I choose to be happy “.

From personal experience, when you say ” today I choose to be happy ” or when making a decision to improve your life in general unexpected events will take place.  This is especially true when the odds are stacked against you.

Those who stubbornly refuse to surrender to depression, anxiety, and sadness attract the help from seen and unseen forces.

Note that when Joe states his intention to seek help, a thunder strikes. Is that a sign of approval from above?  Joe is obviously too miserable to take notice of this sign.

These signs do happen in real life events, so look for them when you embark on your mission to happiness.

Enjoy the first episode of the Life of Joe, and carefully listen to what he has to say.


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