The Our Father Prayer The Lord’s Prayer

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The Our Father Prayer the Lord’s Prayer

The Our Father Prayer also referred to as The Lord’s Prayer is a beautiful prayer suitable for all religious beliefs.  It is still my favourite bedtime prayer since childhood.  When I recite it I always feel a strong connection with the Creator, it has been the same since I was a child.

It is still my favourite bedtime prayer since childhood.  When I recite it I always feel a strong connection with the Creator.

However, I want to emphasize that this post is not at all about organized religions–not at all.  It is about the hidden codes that the Ancients placed in this beautiful prayer.  

Coincidentally,  these codes are also present in the Kabbalah and the TAO.  Students of Kabbalah will easily recognize that almost all of the parables and prayers in the Gospel are pure Kabbalah.  The prophet or person who created the Lord’s Prayer was, without any doubt, an advanced student of Kabbalah.


The Our Father Prayer The Lord's Prayer


There are codes hidden in The Lord’s Prayer the Our Father Prayer 

If you believe that the Scriptures are about real people and events–I totally respect that.  I too believe that the scriptures do include proven references to some historical people, places and events.  

As we all know, the sacred scriptures include various manuscripts which originated at different times from a variety of authors.   

We also know that the ruling powers of those times altered, removed, and even created new manuscripts that best served their greed for power.

My Guides told me that many of the stories and characters in the scriptures are fictitious (and I always felt that to be so during my school Bible studies days).  


In ancient times teachers taught their disciples using made up stories and parables.  

This was so because parables and stories are the perfect way to explain profound concepts to simple uneducated mind.

The Guides also explained that Higher Intelligence left powerful codes for right living hidden in the scriptures.  These codes are evident to more evolved people and remain unseen by others–well protected from the eyes of rulers and religious leaders.

These codes are evident to more evolved people and remain unseen by others–well protected from the eyes of rulers and religious leaders.

Judging by the number of books and articles available on the topic of Bible hidden codes, I tend to believe this information is, indeed, correct and not the result of my vivid imagination :-).


The Our Father Prayer The Lord’s Prayer transcript

This is the transcript of the Our Father Prayer the Lord’s Prayer.  I have also added personal notes after some phrases.  

The content of these notes will feel “right” to some viewers and “wrong” to others.  

Since our level of evolution dictates what is right and wrong for us–allow your intuition to guide you.  

If what you read agrees with your inner self and you feel a sense of inner peace, well and good.  

If on the other, hand you feel indignant and outraged, then this post is definitely not right for you.  Try some of my free guided relaxation videos instead 🙂


Lord’s Prayer Decoded

Our Father

Giver of Life, Source Energy and Governing Intelligence of the Universe.

In ancient patriarchal times, men’s assumption of being superior beings was a little bit over the top.  So when translating the ancient Aramaic word “Giver of Life” in the original manuscript the translator, being a man, decided that it just had to be “Father”.


Who art in heaven,
You who abide in me, and in all that is.

The Aramaic original word does not mention “heaven”  It mentions the “unseen place”.  


Hallowed be thy name.
I acknowledge and honour your Presence in my life.

This code tells us that we should honour the Presence of the Creator in all aspects of our lives.  If you look for this Presence, you will find it behind every significant event and coincidence.  Doing so will give you a wonderful insight into what life really is.  

It will also prevent you from adopting a victim mentality when adverse events happen.  

In my own life, all the apparently negative events and people came–because I needed them there.  The moment I understood the lesson behind the drama, the negative events and people disappeared.


Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
My life is in harmony with the perfect laws that govern creation.

This is a powerful code that, if applied, it has the potential to liberate you from misery and drama.  The code refers to a change of attitude towards life events.  

The human ego has an opinion on what should and should not happen in our lives.  Of course, the ego is totally ignorant about our true needs.  We all eventually come to the realization that life is a school that delivers lessons to help cause us to evolve further.  

Some of us also know that life totally ignores what the ego wants.  Instead, it delivers relentlessly what it is necessary for our evolution.  

This code in The Our Father Prayer The Lord’s Prayer recommends that we stop allowing the ego and our monkey mind to control our actions and thoughts and how we react to life events.  It prompts us to choose to view life as a school and not a courtroom.


Give us this day our daily bread,
I ask for, and I gratefully accept, all that I need to fulfil my journey here on earth.

This is a powerful code that deals with material needs.  Lack, limitation and scarcity mentality is a common scourge afflicting the lives of so many people.  

This nasty program begins in childhood when the child observes the significant adults struggling with financial matters.  It also occurs when children observe significant adults obsess over possessions and the fear of losing them.


And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,
I refuse to judge or accept the reality of evil in others, thus evil cannot manifest in my life nor triumph in theirs.

This is a textbook teaching from Kabbalah and the TAO.  Contemplating on this code, studying it and, most importantly, implementing it in your life will be extremely beneficial to your state of mind and your health too.

Hatred, resentment, the judgment of others are powerful negative energies which devastate the mind and the body.  When you harbour hatred and resentment towards another person you give more power to these malefic energies.  

This, in turn, causes the negative energy to grow and fester inside you causing tremendous damage to your mind and your body.  

Be clear on the fact that by allowing hatred and resentment in your mind, you hurt the target of your hatred minimally–if at all.  The bulk of the damage happens inside you.

The ego takes a perverse pleasure in the feelings of anger, resentment, and hatred.  

On the other hand, those who are more evolved understand clearly that it is we who attract conflict and drama in our lives.  We do so by allowing thoughts of discord and negativity towards the field in general.

The ego is highly susceptible to fear.  It fears everything and everybody.  Fear is the ugly mother of all the scourges that exist on this planet.  


Spirit does not fear anything.  It knows that by remaining aligned and connected with Higher Intelligence we will never be where trouble strikes.  

Therefore, consider purging your mind of negative thoughts towards other people–even if they “deserve it“.

When the ego starts spewing poisonous thoughts in your mind–observe them.  

  • Do not let these thoughts alarm you.  
  • Simply watch these thoughts as if you were watching a scary movie.  
  • Disassociate yourself from these thoughts.  
  • Do not attempt forcing the thoughts to stop–it is useless to do so–just be an observer.

By merely doing these things you will deny your energy to these thoughts.  Evil needs human energy to function–without human energy, it cannot exist.  There is no evil where there are no people.


And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
I resist the negative prompts of my ego, and my life is free from darkness, ignorance, and error.

Most of my visitors already know that their greatest enemy lies within.  The human ego is this enemy. When the ego is confined to dealing and managing mundane, everyday body related activities it fulfils its role perfectly.  

The ego is a necessary component of human life–we cannot function in this earthly dimension without it.

It is only when the ego usurps the spirit and becomes the director of all aspects of our life that disaster strikes.  

The ego and the associated monkey mind we inherited from our prehistoric ancestors is animalistic at its core.   It is obsessed with keeping us safe at all costs, it constantly seeks pleasure, and it avoids pain (perceived or real).  It is selfish at its core. and it has no regard for the feelings or well-being of others or the field.

As a rule, the more evolved people become and the better they are at managing their egos.  Less evolved people exhibit signs of selfishness, lack of control, cruelty, deceit, and deviousness.  

Fortunately, all human beings eventually reach a higher level of evolution.  We are all travellers on the path of evolution–we are all destined to achieve our fullest potential.


For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever.
For I am created in the image of the living God, I am one manifestation of the power and the glory of Universal Intelligence on earth. Amen.

The last code in the Our Father Prayer the Lord’s Prayer is a powerful reminder that Higher Intelligence created us for a specific purpose.  We may not know this purpose until we reach a certain level of evolution–but we are definitely fulfilling it right now.

For this reason, this code encourages us to always think of ourselves as manifestations of Higher Intelligence in this earthly dimension.  

Never allow self-diminishing thoughts to enter your mind.  Avoid negative self-talk and making diminishing remarks about who you are.  By doing so you are insulting the Higher Intelligence that created you and separating yourself from it.

Kabbalah and the TAO both teach these concepts.  They are undeniable life truths.


My take on the Creator and prayer

I do not believe in the concept of praying to a God.  The concept is nonsensical and absurd.  I do believe that the Creator is a real entity–a Higher Intelligence that created us for a special purpose.

I feel that this Higher Intelligence has a plan for humanity.  The plan is for the human race to evolve to a sufficient point where it is capable of acting as a loving caretaker of Mother Earth.  

The Creator I believe in does not require blood sacrifices (the spilling of human or animal blood) to “forgive sins”.  It certainly does not need or want people to grovel and beg or dress in robes and silly hats.  

Being a Higher Intelligence, it knows us intimately, it knows what we need, and it can predict our reactions to life events and circumstances.  In this respect, the concept of God “testing” people to see how they react is utterly ridiculous.


In my life, the Creator has never ceased to surprise me with its wisdom and loving foresight.   Time after time, it has responded to my “prayers”

  • contradicting my requests,
  • providing what I really needed instead,
  • and then making sure I understood the reasons behind the actions it took.

On other occasions, it made sure I was ready to receive the thing or situation I desired and then delivered the opportunities to for these to materialize.


The need for organized religions

I totally agree that organized religions are necessary steps in the evolution of the human race.  Religions and their scary promises of demons and eternal fire punishment for sinners greatly contributed to keeping our ancestors in check.

As humanity evolves further, and there is plenty of evidence that it has evolved, the need for all organized religions will diminish, and it will eventually stop.  I sincerely am looking forward to that time.

I updated The Our Father Prayer The Lord’s Prayer on the 4 July 2019.