Stress relief techniques that work stress buster technique

Posted on July 9, 2016 by AlexanderStress relief techniques that work stress buster technique

Stress relief techniques that work stress buster technique

My aim is to bring you stress relief techniques that work and that are quick and easy to perform.  I call this one a stress buster because it even surprised me with how effective and simple it is.

The technique will appeal to visitors who are not at all interested in spiritualism, meditation or prayer.  All you have to do is follow the prompts and listen to the bell sounds.

Of course, if you are spiritually minded, you can use this video as a way to deal with stress and as a tool for lifting your consciousness.


Stress relief techniques that work stress buster technique

About the stress buster technique

This video includes isometric hand exercises, breathing exercises, and powerful isochronic tones.

The hand exercises may be beneficial for people with high blood pressure and hypertension.

The US military developed a similar process to help prevent fighter pilots from passing out during manoeuvres. Simply follow the video guidelines.

Listen to this video with or without headphones. Do use headphones when in noisy environments.
If your eyes feel like closing, let them close.

For those looking for a connection with Higher Intelligence within, imagine gliding deep into your inner dimension and connecting with the love and the power of Higher Intelligence within.

Whatever your needs, watching this video and practising the breathing and isometric exercises may bring you benefits through alignment with your Inner Consciousness and improved breathing habits.

I have noticed that. If practised regularly, this process may help correct even the unhealthiest breathing patterns, bringing renewed energy and zest in your life.


Why are stress relief techniques necessary?

Stress and stress-related problems are a multi-billion industry.  There are now entire professions and a multitude of products that rely upon stress for their existence.  It is no wonder that those who profit from stress pay millions of dollars in promoting so-called stress-related diseases.  So get used to books, media hype, articles, and advertisements such as ” can stress kill you ” and ” effects of stress on the body “.


How people coped with no stress relief techniques, psychiatrists, and psychologists

The way I see it is that stress has always been with humanity.  Our prehistoric ancestors dealt with the constant stress of being hunted and eaten by giant lizards—that threat existed night and day.   Surely there can be no greater stress than the possibility of being eaten alive!

As humanity progressed the causes of stress grew exponentially with new life-threatening circumstances developing.  People dealt with those stressful circumstances without the need for psychiatrists and psychologists.  They knew that life was hard and they developed strategies on how to deal with it.  

The one thing that they had and that we no longer have today is human companionship.  There were no mega metropolis or giant cities with millions of inhabitants. 

Villages were small and everyone knew each other.  When disaster struck the entire community would respond together and when people were experiencing difficulties the community would huddle around them to help them the best they could.

The same still happens today in small tribes in third world countries.  During my trips to Asia, I visited many villages that faced tremendous difficulties both as a community and individual families.  Yet I was amazed by these people’s ability to deal with stress.

The problem of social isolation and loneliness we face today is the real reason why we now need psychiatrists and psychologists and mind-bending drugs (prescribed, legal and illegal).


More stress buster techniques from

Until the change happens stress and stress-related diseases are likely to be with us.  Indeed, we are now facing a world economic crisis and the possibility of terrorist attacks or even nuclear war.

As you know I firmly believe that these times of greed, fear, and evil will come to a swift end.  The Creator has not lost grip of creation and everything that is happening now is part of a deliberate plan for our evolution.

So until the change happens I intend to produce stress relief techniques, meditations, and prayers that help people survive the current dark ages. 

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