resonant frequency schumann aura cleansing negative energy

Posted on April 30, 2017 by AlexanderSchumann earth resonance

Resonant frequency Schumann for aura cleansing negative energy

The Schumann resonant frequency also called the earth resonance is fundamentally 7.83 Hz.  Of course, it fluctuates to higher values.  You can find out more details about the Schumann resonance and the resonant frequency chart here.

In terms of brainwave frequencies, 7.83Hz is in the high theta range.  Theta is the level just above delta which is deep, dreamless sleep.

W.O. Schumann, a German scientist, discovered the Schumann Resonance in 1952.

Use this video with or without headphones to clear spaces of negative energy.  If you are planning to wear headphones remember to first read the important information that governs all brainwave entrainment including binaural beats and isochronic beats.

Please read clause 10 before using headphones.


resonant frequency Schumann



What’s in this Schumann resonant frequency Schumann video

The resonant frequency of earth fascinates and intrigues me.  

Additionally, it seems that all living beings benefit from it, and being separated from it (astronauts during space travel) would cause distress. 

Of course, I can’t verify this information, but one thing is for sure, walking barefooted on (a safe) field of green grass is an experience to behold.  Holistic practitioners, spiritual teachers, and psychics and recommend a direct contact with Mother Earth.

The video is embedded with a synthesized isochronic beat that matches exactly 7.83Hz.  This is because many believe that entraining the brain at 7.83Hz helps to align your energy with the earth’s energy. Once again, this is not scientifically proven.

Tthe effect on me and many of my subscribers to my YouTube Channel is very refreshing!

In terms of brainwave EEG frequencies, 7.83Hz is in the high theta range. Theta is the level just above delta which is deep, dreamless sleep.

The gentle bells you hear in the background are wind chimes swinging in the pristine Australian Blue Mountains.  My little farm is right in the middle of a pine forest :-).

The intention behind the resonant frequency

As you already know, I place a lot of importance on “intention” when it comes to spiritual anything.  So here is my intentions for this little video:  To clear and dissipate all negative energy, To generate positive energy.


I updated the resonant frequency Schumann aura cleansing negative energy on the 6th of May 2017.