Reiki Self Healing Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

Posted on April 28, 2017 by AlexanderReiki Self Healing Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

Reiki Self Healing A Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

This Reiki Self Healing Video is a Reiki energy healing meditation that anyone can use. You do not need to be “attuned” or be a “qualified Reiki practitioner” to enjoy benefits from Reiki Energy. The model Kara shows you all the Reiki self healing hand positions.

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Reiki Self Healing A Reiki Energy Healing Meditation Video

As mentioned earlier, Reiki Healing Energy flows freely throughout creation. Reiki Energy is also called Ki-Energy, Chi-Energy or Qi-energy. In order to receive it, all you have to do is “allow” it.

Chi-Energy does not look for a Reiki Master certificate on your wall before getting to work. It knows exactly where to go and what to do-so there is no possible way you can “do it wrong”. All you do is watch the reiki self-healing video and follow the Reiki self-healing steps.

Why allowing Reiki Self-Healing Energy is important

Please read this chapter attentively. This is because the information I give here can help you increase the beneficial effects of your Reiki Self Healing session.

Energy attracts like energy-I am sure you have already read that. But are you practicing it in your daily life?

Therefore, if you approach your Reiki Self Healing Session with a mind filled with negative emotions, pessimism, hatred, resentment, fear, and other similar emotions, you will be generating vibrations which oppose and repel life-giving Chi_Energy.


Life-giving Reiki Energy does not discriminate

It is not that the Chi-Energy is thinking “Oh what horrible energies this person has, I am going to stay away”.

Reiki Healing Energy does not discriminate or judge. It is incapable of doing that. You can compare (I know it is not a perfect analogy) Reiki Healing Energy to the sun rays. The sun warms sinner and saint.

What does happen is that when an opposing energy to Reiki Healing Energy is prevalent, Reiki energy literally bounces off, like raindrops bounce off the roof of your car.

There are examples of this fact in the scriptures. Prophets and great healers all eventually met with someone they could not help.

This also explains the reason why people who struggle and fight with adversities in life (financial, emotional, mental) usually succumb to them. These may be pious, “good” people, yet their various Gods simply refuse to help. That does not seem to be fair, does it? The fact is that the “Gods” are not at fault.


How to allow Reiki Self-Healing Energy during your Reiki Energy Healing Meditation

The secret to allowing reiki self healing energy to do its work is surprisingly simple. All you have to do is allow it!

So how do you allow Reiki Healing energy to work during this session? By listening to the prompts that I give you at the beginning of the session!

But here is the trick! Listening to these prompts and repeating them will not do! You must agree to put them to work.

In a nutshell, if you approach a Reiki Healing session with a heart full of negative emotions towards self or others (no matter how rotten they are) you are totally wasting your time. Not even Dr. Usui himself would be able to help you.

At the beginning of the session, I invite you to “put on hold” all your negative thoughts-just for today. In the case of the Reiki Self Healing session, I might as well have said-just for now.

Can you see why? I bet you have arrived at the answer intuitively. The reason is obvious, just like light cannot enter a window that is barred shut, Reiki Energy Healing cannot enter a mind filled with negative emotions. This mind generates vibrations that are in direct opposition to Reiki Energy.


Letting go of negative energy before conducting a self-healing energy session.

It is true that the human ego has a hard time at letting go of hatred, resentment, guilt, jealousy, and victim mentality. But here is the deal! I am not asking you to totally let go of these emotions. You can pick them back up after the session is over. 🙂

It is true that most of the people who practice my Reiki Self Healing Reiki Energy Healing Meditation find it more and more difficult to “pick up” their old negative thought patterns.

There is something about Reiki Energy that brings immense peace. The real miracle is indeed in that part-the peace giving part. Many subscribers write to me and say: “I feel so much at peace after your Reiki Healing Video session”.


How to cause your energy to lighten sufficiently so that you may receive a Reiki Healing

At this point, it is important for me to explain that this process of “lightening” your energy must be “gentle” and “spontaneous” and “sensible”. In other words, there must not be any force applied to it. If you have to “fight” in order to release a negative thought, then you are actually energizing it. Here is how you do it.

If you are in dire straights and your home is about to be repossessed, you are likely to be in a state of despair and fear. Asking you to “drop” these emotions is not only nonsensical it is also counterproductive.

This is the reason why the Law of Attraction proposition fails most people. If you are about to become homeless no amount of affirming “I am rich, I am abundant” is going to do anything-other than catapulting you into further misery.

But I can ask you to feel “hope” right? So I am asking you to reach out for the nearest possible feeling away from the negative energy you are experiencing.

One example, let’s say you totally hate your nasty, double-crossing husband (or wife), don’t try to go to “I love and forgive my husband or my wife” Instead try to reach a point of “He is who he is (or she is who she is)” Go into a state of gratitude that you were able to find out about their infidelities, and know the truth.


Apply these self-healing tips to all aspects of your life

You can apply the above principle to all aspects of your life. Especially, if you were the culprit.

For example, if you have done something horrible in your life for which you cannot forgive yourself-do not try to say “I forgive and love myself”-that will not work.

But you can say “That was then and I am not who I was then”-presuming that you have learned from your actions :-).

So, all you do is try to find a place where you can feel “better” than you are feeling now. Once you do that, the Reiki Self Healing Meditation will do the rest.


The Reiki Self Healing Reiki Energy Healing Meditation Prompts

I have outlined the Reiki Self Healing prompts below, so that you may study them, contemplate on them and then put them to good use.

Repeat after me three times
I open myself to Divine Love and Wisdom
Reiki Self-Healing
Just for today do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work
Be kind to all living creatures
Every morning and evening
Join your hands in prayer
Pray these words to your heart
And chant these words with your mouth
Just for today I will let go of anger
Just for today I will let go of worry
Today I will count my many blessings
Today I will do my work honestly
Today I will be kind to every living creature
Reiki Self-Healing
Back of the head
Solar Plexus
Shoulder Blades
Repeat after me three times
I seal this process with Divine Love and Wisdom

Please take a little time to contemplate and reflect on these words.

I am not asking you to become “holy” or “spiritual”. All I ask is that you to contemplate on the words and tune in the feelings that you get from them.


Learn Reiki Healing from a reputable Master or online.

Look for Reiki Masters who do not impose excessive charges and who offer free healing as well as paid Reiki healing.

Allow your intuition to guide you. If you feel any kind of doubt, move on. Speak to them on the phone before meeting them in person.

If you cannot attend a face to face course, you can also learn Reiki by distance learning. Once again, the best reiki energy healing certificate online usually comes with a lot of support and communication from the teacher. Online courses are also less expensive than face to face ones..

Do not allow the elitists to tell you that online reiki energy healing courses are not valid-they are only speaking out of greed. Higher Intelligence is everywhere and if your heart is sincere it will assist you and help you become an excellent Reiki Master. Yes! Just like it did with Dr. Mikao Usui.

I know at least four Reiki Masters who successfully completed their course online and received a valid attunement and a valid certificate. They are now successful Reiki Masters offering free and paid Reiki Energy Healing sessions.

If you want to ask questions about this Reiki Self Healing Reiki Energy Healing Meditation please visit the YouTube Video location and place a comment, or ask your questions on my Thereisaway Facebook Page.

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