Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

Posted on June 12, 2016 by Alexanderraja yoga meditation om shanti

Raja yoga meditation Om Shanti

The Raja Yoga meditation is the first raja yoga meditation I recorded. I too love the Raja Yoga meditation and all the other Raja Yoga meditation techniques.

Brahma Kumaris Anthony Strano (may his soul rest in peace) introduced me to the Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti in 1986 — Anthony was a Soul Brother of mine. We instantly recognised each other and became friends.

I recorded the meditation for the Brahma Kumaris (they were in Redfern a suburb of Sydney, Australia in those days) to help Anthony promote Raja Yoga. I then translated it into Italian and also recorded that version.

Due to a very limited budget, I used the services of a musician at his home recording studio. His studio reeked of … exotic aromas. He was a wispy chain-smoking, jittery type-but he was cheap and had all the necessary recording gear.

He later told me that he felt so relaxed during the two hours of the recording. Indeed, he did not smoke, drink or take any other … chemical enhancements during that time.

The quality of the recording is poor and the mix is not the best either-but the energy behind this meditation is one of the best and the purest that I have ever made.

These were my spiritual formative times, I had just met my Guides and they had caused me to fall in love with the Creator. Perhaps, you will feel this love too when you listen.


raja yoga meditation om shanti

Raja Yoga Meditation Italian Version

raja yoga meditation ita;ian

How to do the Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

This is the easiest free guided meditation you will find on this site. All that you have to is to find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, sit with your spine erect and listen. Rest your shoulders on a wall or chair. Lying down is not a good idea unless you want to enjoy a good sleep :-).

Indeed, many visitors tell me that they use this meditation regularly to fall asleep at night. Apparently, my meditation is a popular sleeping pill alternative.

There is no need for visualising or affirming anything at all. Simply let the gentle energy of unconditional love bathe your spirit.

Observe the feelings and the emotions that surface in your consciousness. Many users of this Raja Yoga Meditation video report a strong feeling of longing and an intense feeling of love. Others, find themselves weeping tears of joy and relief.

Many users of this guided meditation video report a strong feeling of longing and an intense feeling of love. Others, find themselves weeping tears of joy and relief. I must admit that each time I listen to this meditation I find myself transported into this world of unconditional love.


What does Om Shanti mean

Om Shanti means I, the soul, exist in peace. Raja Yoga teaches that we are souls in a physical body. Each one of us is a droplet of water of the ocean of life-the Creator. This is consistent with the teachings of The TAO, Kabbala, and my Source Healing Course.


Questions and comment about the Raja Yoga Meditation Om Shanti

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