Prayer for help with problems

Posted on March 16, 2017 by AlexanderPrayer for help with problems

Prayer for help with problems

Solving problems through prayer is quite often the last resort for most people.  In this post, I encourage you to avoid struggling with challenges and problems alone.  There is a way how to use prayer for help with problems

There is a way how to solve personal problems that does not involve groveling, begging, and asking for mercy.  The Higher Intelligence that created you does not require that kind of approach.  

In fact, the problem with prayer, and why is not used widely, starts with the very word “prayer”.

When you think of the word “prayer” what comes to mind?  Do you sense an instinctive rejection of the concept of begging for help to a “God” that requires you to kneel before it and grovel? 

If you do, then you are right.  That kind of behaviour is one likely to be displayed by a neurotic person, not a Higher Intelligence.

Indeed, there are kind, loving and compassionate people that walk this earth who do not need others to prostate and beg them–they just do it.

Let me ask you another question: if your child or loved one came to you and asked you for help what would be your reaction? Would you impose conditions?  What would you do?  Now you can begin to understand why so many people are having problems praying to “God”.

For those who look to the scriptures for guidance and validation check out what Jesus had to say about it in Matthew 6:11 and 7:11.

If the Old Testament is more your thing, check out what “God” said to Moses when he was being attacked by Pharaoh’s men in Exodus 14:15.”God” rebuked Moses, saying “Why are you crying out to me?” sort of saying, I have already given you what you want just get on with it and stop groveling!


Prayer for help with problems

Prayer for help with problems – how does prayer work

I am going to ask you to put on hold any previous understandings you have about the concept of “prayer” especially when it is related to prayer for help with problems.  

For now, consider the following statements and carefully note how you react to them.  If you feel an instinctive a natural sense of agreement, well and good.  This means you are ready to use this method of “prayer”.  

If, on the other hand, you feel indignant and alarmed by what you read, stop reading.  You are not ready to use this system.  

When it comes to spiritual and religious matters, there is never a “right” or “wrong” way–right or wrong depends totally on our level of evolution.  


Consider the following statements about how does prayer work

  • The High Intelligence that created you is not a neurotic old man with a long beard sitting on a cloud. It is a real intelligence, as real as you and I are.  It does not need explanations, begging, groveling, kneeling down or prostrating.
  • The reason why you are experiencing this problem is not a “fault”.  It is simply training that is helping you evolve further.  Life is a classroom, not a courtroom.  The moment you learn the “lesson” behind the life challenge you are experiencing–it will vanish.  Of course, another lesson will replace it :-).  There is no stopping on the path of life, evolution is a relentless force and it never stops.
  • Each human being is born with a certain level of evolution.  Previous life experiences determine the current level of evolution.  We have all been at the bottom scale of evolution, and we will all reach higher levels.
  • A safe and sure way to know your current level of evolution is to observe your behaviour towards the field.  The more compassionate, unselfish, giving you are the higher your lever of evolution.  The more selfish, judgmental and self-centered you are, the lower you are on the scale of evolution.  Of course, there are infinite scales of in this equation.
  • The more evolved you are, the more effective your prayers–that is you will experience results much faster because you understand the process behind it.  This it because your ego will have less say on what “should” happen. 
  • The important point to remember is that all levels of evolution are perfect for the individual in question.  So whether you are a vegetarian saint or a scoundrel, you are at the optimum level of evolution–for you.  It is true that life gets better for more evolved people.


How to pray and ask God for help

Now that we have the fundamentals right, and we understand the true meaning of the word “God” let’s get in the process of asking God for help. Again, for the sake of clarity, I will list each point in a list.

  • Make sure you are alone.  Choose a time and place when you are able to speak aloud.  If you are comfortable with the concept, sit in front of a mirror and imagine that someone is listening on the other side of the mirror.
  • When you speak your prayer pay attention to your reactions to what you are saying.  If you feel like cringing after a statement this is a clear indication that what you are asking for is not in your best interest–yet.  The emphasis is on the “yet”–every prayer is answered.  If this is the case, revisit your prayer.  For example:
    • God, please make me win a million dollars. (if you feel a cringe after this prayer try the prayer below)
    • God, please give me the wisdom to manage money.
  • The act of praying to God for a miracle or for help with a problem must be free of blame, judgment, victim behaviour, vengeance and any other negative energy.  It is not good to ask God to inflict punishment on your enemies because they robbed you.  This is because it is highly likely that your life lesson is to learn to listen to your intuition more.  State the facts as they are and leave the drama out of it.  For example:
    • My partner disappeared with all my money, this always happens to me because I attract dishonest people in my life (unhelpful and counterproductive).
    • Please help me become wiser and more intuitive when dealing with relationships (helpful).
    • The above prayer will set things into motion because the person is open to change.  The answer will come bringing the necessary information, experiences, people and resources.  This is guaranteed.  If you are not ready for change, you can expect more of the problems you are experiencing.  This is because life always delivers what you need in order to evolve further.  It is not punishment, it is not karma (a ridiculous oriental invention based on error and retribution) it is merely a necessary path to becoming more evolved.  
  • Feel heard, you are heard.  When you pray, establish an inner connection with your Creator.  The scriptures are full of good advice about how to pray.  They all warn against babbling away at the Creator.  In a nutshell:
    • Quieten your mind
    • Establish a connection with the Creator who is within you.  You do this simply by “desiring” it. The very act of desiring a connection with the Creator will establish one.  You cannot force this connection you can only invite it and it will find you.  
    • Be brief and precise.  Higher Intelligence already knows what you need.  
    • Remember what you want (or your ego wants) may not be what you need.  In this case, Higher Intelligence works towards giving you what you need–before it delivers what you desire.
    • Be attentive to what happens during the prayer process.  Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, ideas that come into your mind.  Observe these and contemplate on them.  Sometimes Higher Intelligence provides instantaneous solutions that way.  Also, allow the monkey mind to chatter in the background.  Monkey mind and the ego have a lot of problems with prayer.  This is because it does not know what it is and it can’t possibly know.  Monkey mind can only understand and deal with “real” things, things it can see and touch.
    • Expect answers.  Be on the alert for the little signs that always come after any prayer.  These can be a song on the radio, a TV program, an article, a comment you overhear.  Higher Intelligence often uses “coincidences” to let you know it heard your prayer.  Most people miss these important signs because their egos won’t allow them to detect them.  So, you must pay double attention and catch the answers as they come.


Prayer for help with problems – when God says not yet

Be at peace with the fact that God may not answer your prayer immediately.  If what you asked for aligns perfectly with your highest good your answer will be immediate.

Indeed, in many cases it is the Creator who causes you to offer the prayer in the first place.  This is what I have repeatedly observed in my life.  It seems that Higher Intelligence relishes in giving good things to us and “announces” these good things by causing us to pray for them.

However, as stated above, often people pray for things and events that are detrimental and even damaging to their evolution.  This is when the answer from Higher Intelligence will be “not yet”.  No amount of prayer will cause Higher Intelligence to do something that will hinder your evolution process.

In such a case, look for ways to improve your skills at managing what you are desiring.  For example:

  • If you want a loving, loyal and devoted partner look for the qualities you must possess before such a person may come into your life: emotional maturity, patience, and unselfish disposition.
  • For positions of leadership and power, you must have integrity, responsibility, compassion, emotional and character strength.
  • When wealth is your desire, you must have the emotional and practical skills to manage large sums of money correctly and efficiently.

I will update this post on prayer for help with problems as more information comes at hand.  I know the information I am providing works for me.  The intent behind this post is that it may work for you also. Let me know if it does.

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I updated the prayer for help with problems on the 16/6/2019.