positive thinking meditation for positive mental attitude with self-hypnosis

Posted on April 26, 2017 by AlexanderPositive Thinking Meditation

Positive thinking meditation for positive mental attitude self-hypnosis video

I decided to record this positive thinking meditation because of the hundreds of requests I received from my YouTube and Facebook Thereisaway subscribers.

You asked for a guided meditation positive thinking video that could help you achieve a more positive mental attitude using self-hypnosis.-and one that everyone could use.

  1. You also asked for a video without too much emphasis on spiritualism-and here it is!


positive thinking meditation for positive mental attitude with self-hypnosis

A Positive Thinking Meditation With Self-hypnosis For Relaxation

When I recorded this YouTube positive thinking meditation video I decided to make use of a relaxation technique which I learned during my diploma of clinical hypnosis course.

Similarly, at the end of the meditation, you will also hear a “waking” technique which will help you become more alert and looking forward to the remainder of the day.

I did this because many people who are challenged with negative thinking are also often stressed to the limit, and are likely to benefit from the gentle invitation to take a few deep breaths and to relax.

Please do not skip this part of the positive thinking meditation. It will make you more receptive to the life-affirming positive affirmations.


How to prepare for your positive thinking meditation for positive mental attitude

1. Switch off your mobile phone or put it on silent (not vibrate), take the phone off the hook if you have land lines.

2. Switch off radios, television, door bell and any other source of distraction.

3. Pick a time when you are less likely to be disturbed by visitors.

4. Go to the bathroom.

5. Drink a glass of water-no alcohol or recreational drugs, please.

6. Sit in a comfortable chair that supports your back. Avoid lying down, doing so will cause you to fall asleep. The best position is to sit with your spine erect (if you can do so comfortably).

7. Wrap yourself in a warm light blanket.

8. Lower the lights in the room.

9. Relax and start meditation

10. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level-louder is not better.

11. After the session is over spend a little time contemplating on how you feel. Take notes of thoughts and ideas that come to mind.

12. Also, note your dreams. I get a lot of mail from people who have received surprisingly useful business ideas and life enhancing suggestions in their dreams.


Do affirmations for a positive mental attitude work?

It seems that the more you use this gentle positive thinking meditation, the more positive ideas and suggestions you will receive.

Of course, this is pure hearsay and it is not at all substantiated by any studies, but if it does happen to you please do let me know. Getting positive and constructive feedback helps me creating more powerful script for my future videos.

I am currently planning two new positive thinking videos:

  • positive affirmations for women
  • weight loss affirmations

If you would like to see a specific affirmation video, please drop me a line or message me on my Facebook Page.


Why I love hypnotism as a tool for helping people achieve a more positive mind

Psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and indeed anyone involved in helping people with depression, and poor self-esteem will agree that patients will seldom discuss their real issues at the out start.

All these professionals are resigned to the fact that they will have to literally dig out the real issue. Often their efforts at “digging” will cause the ego to engage in a real fight using denial, blame, and guilt.

This is where hypnosis comes handy. Hypnotism causes people to hyper-relax. That is what hypnosis is-a state of total relaxation. In this state the ego is less likely to build walls.


Hypnotism relaxes the mind and reduces resistance to the affirmations for a positive mental attitude

Typically people under hypnosis will tell you exactly what is happening in their lives without fear or ridicule, or judgment.

Surprisingly in some cases, I have witnessed subject under hypnosis to have an extraordinary ability to self-diagnose and to suggest solutions.

Less resistance from the ego does not guarantee instant results, but it is certainly helpful. It helps the therapist get to the foundation of the problem faster and it also helps the patient accept positive suggestions.

Hypnosis is proven to have helped people overcome serious drug addictions such as smoking, overeating, phobias and many other serious behavioral problems.


Hypnosis is not “mind control”

A hypnotist can never make you do what you would not normally do.

If the hypnotist suggests something improper, you would simply come out of hypnosis and slap him on the face 🙂

It is true that stage hypnosis, “make” people behave in a very strange manner-but this is because the subjects want to do that. They are in it for the fun or for attention.

In fact, stage hypnotists cleverly pick on people that they feel are going to be cooperative subjects.

People who are prone to negative thinking are less likely to seek help because negative thinking is often accompanied by lack of confidence.

Self-hypnosis is the next best thing to hetero- hypnosis (a session conducted by a qualified clinical hypnotherapist).

The advantages of self-hypnosis are that they do not cost anything (my self-hypnosis videos are free) and that you can enjoy the positive thinking meditation session when it is convenient and in the comfort of your home.

If you are able to attend a qualified clinical hypnotist do so, you can use my self-hypnosis video when you have completed the paid sessions. I do not offer clinical hypnosis sessions.

I updated this positive thinking meditation for positive mental attitude self-hypnosis video on the 11 June 2019.