Peace for the world

Posted on June 3, 2016 by Alexanderpeace for the world

Peace for the world 

What We Can Do To Make A Difference for the peace for the world.

A simple prayer for world peace.

As you all know, I am a firm believer that “There Is A Way” out of any mess.  I know we are all destined to reach unimaginable levels of heightened evolution.

So it is in the spirit of this belief that I write this short article.

When 2012 came and went without any signs of worldly destruction.  A lot of doomsday gurus lost their garlands, and many fiery preachers fizzled out of their pulpits.  Unfortunately, many of their followers also lost their faith.

My Teachers had assured me all along that there was not going to be any worldly destruction. They explained that 2012 indeed marked the arrival of a major destructive change.  They also explained that the change would only be felt at a consciousness level.

So the Mayans were not wrong–the gurus’ interpretation of that prophecy was wrong.


peace for the world


peace for the world the deterioration in vibrations

My attention was recently drawn to the dramatic deterioration in the collective consciousness of the human race.  The sudden massive increase in negative energy affecting the planet is a fact now.

It was also made perfectly clear to me that the dark energy was purely of human origin.  The primary force behind its existence being greed for money and power.

Clearly, there can be no “evil” without people.  We are the only known species capable of producing and energizing such fear-driven, toxic and destructive energy.  And there is a perfectly logical explanation for our behaviour.  It is called evolution, or lack of it.

Many years ago, long before 2012, my Teachers revealed that a time would come when “the heart of man would grow cold”.  And that at that time the dark energy would begin affecting the lives of everyone–not just the people it controlled.


Peace for the world is a certainty

The Teachers explained that even the powerful “sense of self-preservation” would be snuffed out, turning ordinary people into suicidal robots, capable of acts of unspeakable cruelty and mindless mass destruction.

You don’t need to be psychic to know that this prophecy has now become a reality.  I understand that this stage of evolution has nothing to do with religious beliefs.

Religion is being used as a convenient and strategic cover for an otherwise very nasty human activity.

Ultimately, what is taking place is merely a “signpost”–a “sign of the times”.

There are forces at work at present that may seem diabolical in nature — but in reality, these forces are being deployed by humans with a precise insane agenda.

Fortunately for all of us, I was assured that this appearance of unstoppable “evil” was actually part and parcel of the process of evolution and that it would trigger other events at the appropriate time.

Specifically, there was a mention that “these days would be cut short” to prevent a major catastrophe affecting the planet’s own existence at the hands of the suicidal machines.


What you can do for peace for the world

There was also a mention of a “certain action” that anyone could take during these times that would be extremely beneficial.

This action can be taken by anyone, religious, spiritual or otherwise.

Furthermore, the process can take place in any way you desire.  The purpose of this process is not to hasten the change, as that will only occur when all the conditions are in place.

The purpose is to make a “statement”.  This statement will benefit you and no one else.

Human beings tend to transform everything into a religious or mystical experience, and I am certain that many will turn this statement into “prayer”–and that is OK too.  In reality, all you have to do is think these words

Please put an end to this madness

Direct this statement to whomever you wish, your favourite deity, angels, fairies, gnomes, Mother Earth, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Make this statement only if you sincerely believe that the human race is currently on its knees, and no longer able to free itself from the destructive energy of greed that controls it.

If you do this in earnest, you will sense an immediate “feedback”.  This feedback will strengthen you, energize you and reassure you.

Watch this video at least once a day.  Download it and distribute this video freely and share it with friends and kindred souls.  You may also be interested in viewing the “Save The Earth” post and guided video meditation.

I updated the peace for the world post on the 9 July 2019.