mind cleanse clearing negative energy guided meditation

Posted on April 24, 2017 by Alexandermind cleanse clearing negative energy

mind cleanse clearing negative energy guided meditation

The reboot your brain level 2 is the perfect mind cleanse ideal for clearing negative energy.

Unlike all other meditations, the mind cleanse guided meditation requires no effort on your part other than following the simple prompts.  For this reason, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways of clearing negative energy and mind cleansing meditation.


Mind cleanse clearing negative energy guided meditation



Why is clearing negative energy necessary and who needs a mind cleanse?

In a perfect world free of toxic people there would be no need for mind cleanse and clearing negative energy meditations.  Stress and negative energy is the byproduct of the mind of the human race.  There is no evil and malice in nature.  Only the mind of man can harbor and broadcast evil and that is a fact.

If you don’t believe me, if you can do so safely, take a short trip to a natural environment where there are few of (preferably) no other people.  Rate how you feel on a scale from 1 to 10.  Now go back to your normal setting and rate yourself again.


Why the mental health of the human race is plummeting

There is a reason why the bank accounts of psychologists, psychiatrists, and pharmaceutical companies are thriving and the number of mental patients is growing. 

The reason is not a secret, and most eastern philosophies have been teaching it for thousands of years.  Indeed, there are references of this reason in mainstream scriptures–but religious leaders have chosen to ignore it. 

Certainly, even the scientific world through quantum physics has proven the existence of reason through controlled experiments.  So why is the human race still unaware of this reason?  You guessed right.  Greed!

The reason why clearing negative energy and mind cleanse processes are necessary at present

You will never hear this from your psychiatrist or psychologist or friendly pharmaceutical company…


“Thoughts Are Energy”

Negative thoughts (fear and all its ugly daughters: jealousy, hatred, bigotry, lust, etc) generate a toxic energy. 

This toxic energy affects the immediate environment including people, animals, and plants.  Positive thoughts also affect the environment and generate a beneficial energy. 

These two energies cancel each other out and the prevailing energy takes effect.   Regrettably, because of current global conditions, toxic energy has the upper hand.

Essentially, if 10 positive people are sitting in a room with 1 toxic person, that toxic person will eventually infect them all–one by one.  The ratio at present is about 1 to 100. 

Of course, this depends widely on the level of evolution of the 10 positive people, but in general, it works that way with the average person.  Just one toxic person, if allowed to enter that room, will generally destabilize everyone else’s energy.

Why most mind cleansing prayers, mind cleansing rituals and mind cleansing techniques fail

Any technique that tries to engage “thought” as a tool in the mind cleanse process will fail utterly.  Clearing negative energy from yourself cannot possibly be done using a mind that has been infected by negative energy.

Doing so would be like trying to use a virus infected computer to self-diagnose itself and repair itself.  The virus will prevent that from happening.  The answer is to reboot the computer using a DVD disk that cannot be written over by the virus–and then run the repair scan from that DVD.

This is what the Reboot Level 2 does beautifully.

The mind cleanse clearing negative energy process explained.

I explain the first steps of the reboot your brain process elsewhere.  If you are not familiar with these please take a few minutes to read them.

There is an added step in this mind cleanse process that is of primary importance.  I have received a lot of mail asking me to clarify this mind cleaning step so here it is.

After the introduction you will hear me say:

Imagine a column of blue-white light descending upon you

This is a very important part of the process.  If you are new to spirituality and energy healing all you have to know is that there is a beneficial source of energy which emanates constantly from a Source.

This beneficial energy outflow is constant and everlasting.  It does not depend on human energy to exist (unlike evil energy which depends totally on human energy to continue to exist). 

This Source of energy does not discriminate between “good” or “evil”.  So no matter how “bad” you believe to be, you are equally able to receive it at the same rate of a “saintly” person.

This Source of energy works solely on the principles of evolution.  That is, the more evolved people are, and the more open they are to this Source energy. 

The less evolved people are, and the more they will block this energy.   The good part is that eventually, everyone reaches a higher level of evolution.  This process of evolution takes place lifetime after lifetime.

If you are a religious person then you may choose to call it by your preferred deity’s name.  However, this creative energy we call Source has nothing to do with religions. 

It affects, sustains and governs all creation–equally: the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom (which have no religions), and the human race.

Mind cleanse and clearing negative energy for agnostics and atheists

If you are agnostic or if you believe that you are the result of an explosion,  then compare this blue-white light to sunlight, which you cannot possibly deny. 

Imagine the sunlight descending upon you.  Open yourself to this sunlight and imagine the beneficial effects.

If you find yourself being unable to imagine the blue-white light descending upon you, practice this mind cleanse process outside. 

Wear a hat, and light clothing preventing skin exposure to the sun.  Then focus on the sensation of the sunlight descending upon you and warming you.

Feel the sun rays descending upon you and focus on the pleasant sensation.   Doing so will help you cleanse your mind and enjoy the benefits in exactly the same way other “spiritual” or “religious” people will do.

Other aspects of the mind cleanse process

If you are familiar with all the other reboot your brain videos I produced, you will notice that I have introduced several more movements of the head in the negative energy clearing process.

In particular, I want to mention the “figure of eight” movement.  Simply imagine you have a pencil attached to your nose–and then draw a figure of eight with the pencil on a piece of paper.

I will be posting more articles about clearing negative energy Schumann frequencies meditations and clearing negative energy in the home.

Important note about this mind cleanse process

Please trust your intuition when clearing negative energies using this video. 

  • Sometimes you may not feel like following the prompts and all the various movements.  That is perfectly fine! 
  • The only essential prompts are those that ask you to breathe deeply and to focus your attention to the base of the neck.
  • If you wish not to use the mantra, it is perfectly fine.  I am finding myself using the mantra less and less and just enjoying the rhythm of the music, the breathing and the movements.
  • If you just feel like doing one movement (I love the side to side movement) then just do that.  I recommend doing the full process at least once a month–but that too is entirely up to you.
  • You can perform this process lying in bed, sitting down or standing up–whatever position is more comfortable.

There are more posts coming about the effects that thoughts have on the environment and also other aspects of thought energy that are little known.  Please subscribe to my Tweets or like my Facebook Page.


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