Life affirming daily affirmations the master creed

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Alexander

Life affirming daily affirmations the master creed

I get a lot of mail about life affirming daily affirmations and how to use them. This post and guided meditation YouTube video is my answer.

When producing the Master Creed, I formed the intent to create a guided meditation that was easy to use, quick, and effective.

I wanted to use life affirming words that generated powerful vibrations and brought about a state of positive attitude and spiritual well-being in my subscribers’ lives.

As always, the words came at the right time and with the characteristic signature charged with love and powerful expressions.

To this day, hundreds of thousands of people use the Life Affirming Master Creed as their preferred daily affirmation. I hope that you too will find it beneficial.



Life affirming daily affirmations the master creed

Life affirming daily positive affirmations - the Master Creed

The Master Creed is a positive thinking meditation video that contains a series of affirmations and contemplations. These affirmations are helpful in bringing about positive changes in your life.

Positive thinking, positive affirmations, and contemplation, when aligned with Higher Intelligence are the most powerful form of prayer. They truly can create miracles in your life.

This positive thinking meditation will produce a calming effect, bring peace, optimism and help remove negative thoughts. Use this guided meditation video as a daily guided prayer every day for positive change. Try to use it at least once a day, preferably early in the morning.


Life affirming daily positive affirmations the Master Creed words

The Master Creed

I believe in the Creator from which all life is formed,

The word Creator does not refer to a “God” or any other form of Divinity. The concept of neurotic, vindictive God or Gods punishing “sinners” and rewarding the well behaved is nonsensical and primitive.

The Creator I am referring to is a real entity as real as you and me. What it is and its origins are a mystery-no one knows.

Even highly evolved spiritual beings do not know who the Creator is. However, from their vantage point, they are able to observe and interpret the various manifestations of the Creator. This deeper understanding enables them to align with and serve the process of creation.

The ego greatly limits lowly evolved humans, but as they evolve further, they too get glimpses of various manifestations of the Creator.


and Higher Intelligence, its manifestation;

the force sustaining and governing creation;

perfect and unerring in form and purpose.

I see the Creator as the inscrutable mind that IS-The great mystery of life. Higher Intelligence is one manifestation of this mind we call the Creator.

There is ample evidence of this Higher Intelligence at work all around us. Even less evolved minds like ours can observe it and study it.

For me, the greatest physical manifestations of this Higher Intelligence are Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

When I look at a motorcar or even a simple clock, I know that there is a mind who conceived these clever inventions. I also know that it took the work of many people to bring them into existence.

It should not take a very high IQ to figure out that there is an active intelligence at work behind the complexities of life on planet earth. Yet the arrogance of the human ego is able to dismiss them all as “the result of an explosion”.

During mankind’s formative times

it was misunderstood, devalued and limited;

it was corrupted by greed and denied to the masses.

The human race is the result of a deliberate act of Higher Intelligence who used more advanced beings to create us. I believe that the actual creators of the first human being were extra-terrestrial beings. The remarkable resemblance of certain races with extra-terrestrials is in my view so obvious.

Take a look at at the Mongolic race and compare them with the reported features and higher intelligence of the Grays or the Reptilians. See how the Nordic races share similarities with the Tall Whites Pleiadians. I know I am not the only one who has figured this obvious fact.

No matter what you believe, the human race has passed through several stages of evolution. At first, we resembled more in action and thought to the prehistoric monkey-like creatures. The extraterrestrials used these creatures to carry the first hybrid human embryos.


It is now emerging in the hearts and minds of the evolved;

preparing mankind for the next stage of evolution.

With each level of evolution, humans have enjoyed a higher state of consciousness. The way we care for the elderly, the disadvantaged and the environment is an example. Our emerging tendencies for tolerance, spirituality, and kindness is another.

The future Super Race will be the first clear sign of our extraterrestrial ancestors. This race will do away with the prehistoric beliefs, and greedy selfish behaviour that we are witnessing today. I call these current times “The Dark Ages”.

The arrival of the Super Race started in the 50s with the birth of kinder, more open-minded people. Remarkable rapid scientific advancements also took place during these formative times.

The level of technological advancement will accelerate to a point where the human race will do away with slave labour (jobs).

The disappearance of greed as a motivator will open up access to amazing medical and scientific breakthroughs which are currently suppressed and kept hidden. It will also make it possible for medical and energy advancements that will do provide solutions to our health care and energy needs.

My understanding is children and their adult caretakers will make up the first wave of the Super Race. I am told that these children are already here on Earth waiting for the change to occur. Babies born to members of the first wave will form the second wave and so on.


I believe I am an evolving Intelligent Being,

here on earth for the purpose of experience, enjoyment, and exploration,

and for the fulfilment of my role as caretaker of creation.


I believe that Higher Intelligence created the human race for the purpose of acting as caretaker for Mother Earth.

Irrespective of the intentions of the actual creators (the extraterrestrials) we will surpass them in evolution and settle into our roles of inventors, creators, administrators, teachers, and facilitators for the evolution of the field.

This is certain-not only for those who can understand the content of this post. But for everyone who has lived on this planet.

I understand that no one will be left behind. So every mind who has had a human experience on planet earth will eventually become part of the Super Race.

I updated the life affirming daily affirmations the master creed post of the 3rd of July 2019.