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In pursuit of happiness how to be happy in life 7-day course

In this episode, Joe attends the first in pursuit of happiness how to be happy in life, 7-day course.  He meets Guru “Loveyourdollar” who is going to be his teacher and mentor.

Joe is desperate to learn how to find happiness and attract love.  He has made the choice to take action and now he is willing to do whatever it takes.


People in pursuit of happiness are vulnerable

I created this how to be happy in life 7-day course video to debunk common misinformation and bizarre “teachings” being sold to kind-hearted and trusting people. 

If you are laughing at how gullible Joe appears to be in this video — think again.   This video is the result of real personal experiences with thousands of people defrauded by Gurus and fraudulent merchants of ” how to be happy “courses.


While in search for happiness never worship a person, image or object

This was the very first lesson I received from my teachers.  When human beings prostate themselves before another person, object or image they offend the very essence of creation. 

We can certainly love, and revere other people–but we should never worship them.  All human beings are created in the image of Higher Intelligence, from the lowly evolved to the most exalted. 

Indeed, you will find that the more evolved people become, and the less they want others to praise them.  Only the human ego wants to be worshiped and puffs up when others grovel before it. 

Giving your power away to a character wearing flowing robes is the worst possible thing you can do when in pursuit of happiness.  Bow down not before any man or woman.  Treat others with respect certainly, but never worship people if you truly want to find happiness.


Debunking the how to be happy in life 7-day course

Please watch the video in full before reading on.  I will be commenting on some of Guru Loveyourdollar teachings and Joe’s reactions to them.


in pursuit of happiness how to be happy in life course


Your aura is dirty (and other similar trickery)

Some of the people asking for help reported that the Guru or ” Teacher ” had told them that the reason for their unhappiness and misfortunes was the color of their auras.  Dark Auras apparently frighten happiness away.

In pursuit of happiness, you cannot possibly succeed if you have a dirty aura (or dark energies, or invading spirits, nasty ancestors, voodoo spells and other similar nonsense).  Of course, the Guru kindly offered to remove these.  One such person paid a total of $40,000 as each cleaning revealed more dark energies in the aura.


No one can clean your Aura or force you to learn how to be happy in life

Only you can alter the color (signature) of your aura, its density, and its projection.  And only you can ” choose ” to be happy in life “.  I will show you how to be happy or at least less sad throughout this site and in other Life of Joe’s videos.

The health state of the physical body also affects the appearance of the aura.  Healthy individuals will have a strong brightly colored aura which projects outward.  Sickly individuals have weak auras which may appear to the untrained eye as being “full of holes”.

Finally, the energy of the prevalent feelings that reside in your heart can affect the Aura.  People who are filled with resentment, hatred, lust and other similar dense energies will have a dense repulsive looking aura.

So, in order to ” clean ” the aura, the Guru, or merchant of happiness courses will have to totally change you as a person at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual–no one can do that other than yourself.


No other person, spirit, goblin or troll can take away your happiness

Similarly, no energy (human or otherwise) can invade your Aura, affect it or in any way alter it unless you allow it or invite it.  For this reason, I urge all my subscribers to

  • Stay away from any occult practices
  • Never, ever participate in seances and medium practices.  Most of these are the result of overactive egos or deluded minds anyway, but there is no knowing what you can attract in the process.  I also discourage you watching horror movies, in particular, those that involve demons, trolls. goblins and bad fairies.  The energy of fear is destructive and disempowering.  There is no merit whatsoever in inviting into your home.  Look for comedy entertainment or good sci-fi and exciting adventure movies.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever allow a disembodied entity to use your body–not matter what the purpose.  Beings of Light will never invade a person’s body.  It is a repulsive thing for them to do that.
  • If you suspect that some deluded, insane person has cast a spell on you, simply do the Miracle Healing Prayer to dispell any fear from your heart.  It is your fear that fuels the spell.  These kinds of idiotic practices require the fear of the target in order to work.  They have no power by themselves. 
  • I will write more on this topic as it is one that is currently on the top 5 of my healing request lists.


In pursuit of happiness or just trying to alter your life — trust your intuition

Notice that after the aura cleansing ceremony Joe exclaimed “that’s it? I did not feel a thing!”.  Guru Loveyourdollar then goes on a lengthy elaborate explanation.  The elaborate explanation is a well-known tell-tale sign of a lie–as a rule, the more elaborate and strange the excuse, the bigger the lie. 

Joes Higher Self knew he was being defrauded, but Joe accepts the Guru’s explanation.  After reading about real life stories, I can report the following consistencies …

  • Always trust your gut feeling.  Do not allow the flowing robes and the costumes and theatrics, symbols and other paraphernalia to dissuade you from trusting your intuition. 
  • Indeed, there are true healers and honest teachers who sincerely want to help others learn how to find happiness in life.
  • Such people charge reasonable fees.
  • Their presence will always make you feel comfortable and at ease–never intimidated and “inferior”
  • They will always encourage you and never make you feel guilty
  • Will always answer your questions frankly, and in a way that it is easy for you to understand
  • They will always be honest and tell you if they do not have the answer to your question
  • Will never become impatient and irritated with you or your lack of understanding of spiritual matters.


How to be happy in life and karma

Karma, bad Karma that is, is on my top of the debunk list.  In a nutshell, karma is the insane notion that you travel from life to life paying for the mistakes and ” sins ” that you made in the previous lives.  So it is one life of misery after another because everyone is bound to make some serious errors during a lifetime.

The concept of Karma and it’s direct effect on living a happy life or a miserable one is the most clever and profitable invention of shrewd oriental religious peddlers.  In their countries, they use Karma as a weapon to subdue the masses and turn them into “followers”.  It has the same flavor of the Western Hell Fire, where the loving God roasts all the people he does not like. 

But the greatest target of this invention has been the Western world, where gullible people with lots of money abound.  The business of Karma is worth trillions of dollars and more and more Gurus are heading our way to help us overcome it.


The law of Karma is a profitable clever invention

During my formative times, my teachers caused me to read and learn about all the major religious beliefs including the TAO (my favorite) and Kabbalah (the most powerful).

After 10 years of studying, I understood that the Law of Creation is a law of evolution.  Everything in creation (including us because believe it or not we are bound by the same laws of creation as everything else) is constantly pulsing towards perfection. 

You and I, the Beings of Light that care for us and those above them are on a slow escalator of perfection.  And we are all traveling together.

The Law of Creation that I have discovered is constantly creating, recycling and recreating. It is forever perfecting itself.  It does not go backward and it does not suffer from the typical dense human emotions such as revenge, guilt, and punishment. 

The Higher Intelligence I know does not suffer from psychotic vengeful episodes–only people do.

The Higher Intelligence that created us does not make mistakes and does not create imperfect or faulty beings.  It creates players that take their roles in the drama of life.


Higher Intelligence has engineered us to be happy and healthy

With each incarnation, we actually become wiser, and only seek the better acting parts–that’s all.  In a nutshell, each incarnation we retain the positive aspects of previous lives (what we have learned).  Each incarnation we do not pay for the mistake of previous ones. Instead, we move on to being better, kinder, more evolved human beings.

In the drama of life there are no “victims” there are only willing participants in the drama of life.  Those who have “played the part” of victims will no longer repeat that error.  The same goes for villains and generally “bad” people.

This concept is very real to the Raja Yogi monks who closely respect this law of creation.  To the Raja Yogis, “Baba” is all wise, all giving, the eternal source of life.  To the quantum physicist, “Baba” is ” energy ” the source of all life.  Personally, I prefer the loving, personal interpretation.  I see Higher Intelligence as a loving father–but that is a personal thing really.

I will write more on the reasons why Karma is an invention aimed at controlling the masses (and plundering rich westerners).

For now, if a Guru or teacher tells you that you cannot possibly enjoy life and be happy because of your karma or past “sins” run, you are dealing with a predator.


In pursuit of happiness, you must have happy thoughts

This is another ridiculous statement sold on mass by the merchants of the Law of Attraction.

Notice how Joe immediately reacts to Guru Loveyourdollar’s teaching.  Joe’s innocent reply is:  “How can you have happy thoughts when your life is crap and nobody likes you and everything you do falls apart?”  Have you too thought this in the past but dismissed it?

Asking anyone to force themselves to have “happy thoughts” is both damaging and insane.

This is because when you try to “force” any good thing to happen you are actually energizing the lack of that very thing. 

Try to force happy thoughts and more reasons to be said will land on your doorstep.  Forcing thoughts of wealth when you are totally broke will cause more poverty to come running towards you.  You see, you cannot fool Higher Intelligence and yourself.

The answer is not to force any thoughts at all.  Are you in pursuit of happiness? The first action is to…

    • Sit quietly and just observe the train of thoughts that cross your mind.  Do not judge these thoughts or criticize them.  Simply, quietly observe them and make a mental note.  Some of them may be bizarre, keep observing until they slow down or stop.
    • Do not try to alter these thoughts or force them to be what you want them to be.  The thoughts are who you are NOW.  They are the result of years of conditioning and programming
    • Accept them without guilt, or shame or any other adverse emotions.
    • The very act of OBSERVING AND ACCEPTING the thoughts will begin a healing process.  This is because when you set out to observe and accept without judgment, a new OBSERVER comes into action.  The part of you that has the power to alter your life.


In pursuit of happiness how to be happy in life

setting goals for love and happiness

In this scene, Joe asks Guru Loveyourdollar to help him set his first goal.  Joe says .

I really want to be happy and I want Jenny Simmons to like me and be my girl.
Yeay!  Yes please, let’s make that my first goal!
And she will like me more than anyone else, and want to be with me and only have eyes for me! And we can go to the movies and I can put my arm around her and give her hugs.  That sounds great!

Joe likes Jenny Simmons, but she ignores him and is not interested in him.  So Joe, in pursuit of happiness and love, asks the Guru to show him how he can cause her to change her mind about him.

Can you see a problem with that?  Instead of encouraging Joe to first focus on building his self-esteem Guru Loveyourdollar gives Joe advice that has all the element of black magic in it.

You cannot force peace love and happiness in your life

In pursuit of happiness and love Joe thinks that he can force another person to be interested in him and to love him.  Of course, this could not be further from the truth. 

Indeed, the harder you try to impress someone who is not interested in you and the more likely it is you will push them away.  I am sure you have found that out like I have in my own life.

Using affirmations, spells, and other ridiculous tactics to influence someone else to be interested in you romantically does not work.  Indeed some of these tactics are a form of black magic–and it always ends up badly.

The Guru could have explained to Joe that he should first focus on …

  • building his self-esteem,
  • working on his body
  • generally improving all aspects of his life

And then focus on the type of person that he wants to meet and fall in love with. 

When we make a list of the qualities that we want in our future partner,  the whole of creation rearranges itself to find us the correct partner.   This cannot happen if you are stubbornly insisting that it has to be “just that one”.  That kind of obsession seldom ends in a successful outcome.

In all cases, Joe has to learn to love himself before he can ask other people to love him.  When he learns to love himself he will most assuredly attract love happiness.  The best part is that he will not have to force himself or act or behave differently.  He will be able to be himself and feel comfortable with his new partner and accept his new partner in the same way.

The how to be happy in life series

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