how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1

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how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1

The how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1 is the first of three of the most powerful stress release and depression buster videos I have produced!.

The brain is the body’s organ responsible for physical manifestation. Emotions such as excessive stress, negative thinking, negative self-talk, exaggeration, victim mentality, fear, depression also take place in the brain.

We take great care of all the body’s organs. Remarkably, we neglect the very organ that is responsible for dealing with our emotions, feelings, and thoughts-the building blocks of our life as we know it.


how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1


How to relieve stress and anxiety using proven ancient technologies

This free self-healing audio and video includes powerful technologies to help you relieve stress. In this guided self-healing video you will find EFT, Qi-Gong, Binaural entrainment sound technology.

I also decided to add principles from the amazingly simple Brain Wave Vibration I discovered in the book “Brain Wave Vibration”, by IIchi Lee during my research on how to relieve stress naturally.

IIchi Lee’s discovery impressed and excited me so much that I decided to produce a website totally dedicated to promoting it. Brain Wave Vibration is one of the best-kept secrets in self-healing. Just like EFT, you can use Brain Wave Vibration on anything.


Reboot Your Brain Level 1 - perfect for relieving stress and reducing anxiety and depression

I designed each level of the reboot your brain to focus on the three most common challenges that afflict people. Reboot Your Brain Level 1, is perfect for people who are dealing with all kinds of stress, anxiety, and depression.

In the video, I guide you through all the self-healing processes so that you don’t have to concern yourself with time keeping and number of repetitions.

After all, the last thing you want to do when you are stressed is having to worry counting steps and repetitions right?


how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1 - how to use it.

  • Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed
  • If possible use headphones to benefit from the brain entrainment tones. This is not absolutely necessary since I used isochronic tones that work with or without headphones. Isochronic tones are far superior to binaural tones (very few people use binaural tones now).
  • Lower the volume to a comfortable setting-louder is not better.
  • Please do not worry about “doing it wrong”. If you follow my instructions you cannot do it wrong. Indeed, many of my subscribers do not speak English-yet they report excellent results. 🙂
  • The healing is in the rhythmic tones and the gentle movement.
  • Use the how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1 at least once a day-preferably first thing in the morning.


Explanation of the steps involved in the how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1

l receive a lot of mail asking me to clarify the steps involved in this video, so here they are 🙂


Focus on the brain stem

Focusing on the brain stem means simply, “put your attention on the brain stem”. I write about this more on another article about IIchi Lee “Brain Wave”.

In brief, when you place your attention (focus) on anything at all you energize it.

Quantum physic experiments prove that human attention affects matter. Quantum Scientists have consistently reproduced these effects in laboratory controlled experiments.

By asking you to “focus on your brain stem” I cause you to direct your thought to the area of the brain stem. This, in turn, energizes the brain stem.

To find out why I am asking you to energize the brain stem-and most importantly to know where it is 🙂 please read this article.


Form an intention repeat it as a mantra

I then ask you to form an intention and repeat it as a mantra. This is another important part of the how to relieve stress reboot your brain level 1.

The forming of an intention allows you to identify the source of your stress, anxiety, depression etc.

If you have a clear idea of the cause of your stress, then do this …

  • Condense the situation to a short sentence
  • Repeat the sentence throughout the reboot your brain session

Avoid words of blame, judgment, or words that reflect a “victim mentality”. Instead, use words that make a statement.

For example:

  • I feel bad because my rotten boss screams at me-is definitely NOT useful
  • Fear of people — IS USEFUL.
  • This is so because it identifies something in you that attracts aggressive people. This something in you also causes you to become powerless when they abuse you. The sentence is also short and easy to remember and to recite throughout the session.

We do know that FEAR is at the foundation of every negative emotion that afflicts mankind.

Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loss, fear of people, and many more prominent emotions among us.

Some of us learn to embrace these fears and manage them. Others choose to deny fear and use drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy behaviours to escape fear.

Other examples of useful words of intent:

  • Prosperity and good health
  • Healthy life
  • Fit and healthy
  • Trim and thin
  • Great Memory
  • Success and Joy
  • Inspiration

Please do not try to “force” anything to happen-doing so will guarantee the opposite reaction.

Instead, place yourself in a state of allowance and open your mind to whatever good things are appropriate for you. Get into a state of gratitude that you found Thereisaway and this free meditation :-).

Seriously speaking, finding something to be grateful for and using “thank you for my …” as a mantra, has always produced the best results.


Move the head gently to the rhythm of the music and breathe deeply

Notice that I underlined the word “gently”. There is no need to rotate your head around in a circle or to make violent jerking movements left and right like a paratrooper. The idea is to make gentle movements that do not cause any pain. Remember no pain is gain.

Some people may have a larger movement span, others will only be able to make tiny movements. Both these people will enjoy the same results.

Taking the deep breaths when reminded is equally important. Please do not ignore my prompts 🙂

Tips on how to relieve stress at work

I receive many requests for healing from people experiencing stress at work, at school, and in relationships. These are the three primary categories of stress that I notice in the healing requests.

The beauty of the Reboot Your Brain system is that it only requires a few minutes to complete. It is also so easy to do as it does not involve any “spiritual” techniques to make it work.

All you do is…

  • move your head to the rhythmic music I provide
  • repeat the “mantra” words you selected, and, of course,
  • breathe!

There is nothing difficult about these three steps. Moreover, you cannot possibly “do it wrong”.

Doubt about “doing it wrong” is a major issue with self-help techniques and with people who buy courses and books on how to relieve stress.

This anxiety about “doing it wrong” seems to be a powerful weapon that is leveled at people who are seeking for ways to “self-help”. The Reboot Your Brain Level 1 removes all these doubts.

This self-healing process starts working immediately. All you have to do is…

  • find a place where you can have some privacy (in the case of offices, a stairway, an empty room, or even the restroom will do)
  • use your headphones,
  • play the audio file for a few minutes
  • move the head
  • breathe deeply when directed-and that’s it!


Use the Reboot Your Brain Level 1 on everything

You can do no harm and there is every chance that you will enjoy many unexpected, wonderful outcomes. So go ahead and use this wonderful, easy self-help technique on everything.

Of course, if you are undergoing any kind of therapy, check with your medical provider before using the Reboot Your Brain Level 1.

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