How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts

Posted on June 9, 2016 by Alexanderhow to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts

How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts – episode 5

The Life of Joe Episode 5 – how to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts

This episode of the Life Of Joe begins with the last scene of episode 4.  In episode 4 Joe puts what he learned from Guru Loveyourdollar into practice with disastrous results.  Despite his many affirmations and diligent obedience to the Guru’s teachings, Jenny Simpson did not respond to Joe’s amorous approaches too kindly.  In fact, she went on a raging rampage which landed poor Joe in hospital with multiple fractures and a concussion.  

Joe has clearly had enough and is experiencing a major depressive episode.  He is entertaining suicidal thoughts and is making suicidal signs.

Fortunately for poor Joe, he experiences a miracle. Bianca, a benevolent helper from a future dimension comes to his rescue.  Bianca reveals to Joe how to overcome depression by adopting a new way of thinking.  Joe is startled at first when Bianca makes contact in such an unusual way.  Bianca’s soothing and gentle voice reassures him that he has not gone mad, and Joe listens attentively to her–asking many questions.  Finally, Joe puts some of Bianca’s teachings to practice with pleasing results.


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Please view the previous episodes before viewing this one

If you have not yet viewed the previous episodes of the Life of Joe, please do so now.  Doing so will put the entire story into perspective and also expose you to very powerful truths about situational depression and anxiety and depression.  Please view the page dedicated to Joe’s videos and view them all from top to bottom, then come back here and enjoy Episode 5 – How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts.


The spiritual technology behind Bianca’s message

Bianca’s healing words and the advice she gives to Joe about how to stop being depressed contain powerful spiritual teachings from a variety of sources.  

During my formative times, my Guides caused to me to discover and study various religious scriptures, and the work of ancient spiritual masters.  Bianca’s message contains concepts taught in the Kabbalah and the TAO.

If Bianca’s words help you dealing with depression or if you want to ask for clarification on a particular sentence you can post a message on my Thereisaway Blog entitled The Life Of Joe how to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts.


How to pull yourself out of depression – why suffer alone?

I am not an expert in anxiety and depression and have no qualifications whatsoever in mental health. However, I am a trained LifeLine Telephone counsellor and served as a counsellor for social support organisations.     

During my work as a professional counsellor, I noticed that of all the people who were living with depression, those who sought help were less likely to commit suicide.  They still experienced suicidal thoughts–but were able to manage them with the help of others.

I would like to emphasise that by “help” I don’t necessarily refer to professional help.  Even a chat with a loved one, one who is supportive and a good listener, will help you pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts.  There are also many religious and spiritual groups who support each other.

Calling a free telephone counselling service is also very helpful.  This is true especially when dealing with anxiety and depression episodes at night.  These episodes are quite common and can be devastating if you are alone.


Free telephone counselling services for people dealing with depression

In Australia, you can call LifeLine at any time on 13 11 14.  

In the US DBSA In-Person Support Groups offers telephone counselling on  (800) 826-3632

During my training with LifeLine Australia, I met some of the finest people on this planet.  These were genuine, caring, sensitive, intelligent people who cared about others.  Among them, there were many highly qualified professionals in the helping fields such as psychologists, clergy, and counsellours.

The training at LifeLine was second to none and comprehensive.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others.  Undertaking this training will not only benefit others.  It will also be one of the best personal development experience you will ever have.


How to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts — Why seeking professional help is a good thing

Professional help is, by far, the best kind of remedy for depression and general anxiety disorder.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the many free professional services offered by public hospitals and charitable organisations.   

During my work as a counsellor, I noticed that many people suffering from severe depression were ashamed of their condition.  Many thought that it was a sign of mental illness.  Unfortunately, there is a social stigma attached to mental illness which causes victims to suffer in silence for fear of judgment or ridicule.

If you are one of these people, do know that mental illness should be viewed just like any other type of illness.  You don’t feel ashamed if you catch pneumonia or bronchitis.  There is no shame in being diagnosed with liver disease.  Mental illness is no different from any other illness.  With proper treatment and expert advice, it can be treated and healed.

I updated how to pull yourself out of depression and suicidal thoughts on the 10 of June 2017.