how to increase energy gain energy fast

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how to increase energy gain energy fast

How to increase energy and gain energy fast is another Reboot Your Brain series video. I made the video to help people who are searching for the best way to get energy naturally. I call this the “Energy Tap Dance”

This video is not a cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, depression or any other psychological challenge you may be experiencing. Always check with your health-care provider before using this video as it may interfere with your treatment.

If you are able to do gentle exercise and want to learn how to get energy without caffeine :-), you are in for a treat. Some of my subscribers have reported bonus effects such as…

  • bursts of energy
  • more optimistic and positive thoughts
  • less pessimism and negative self-talk
  • reduced monkey mind chatter
  • get more energy to study



how to increase energy gain energy fast

The components of the ” how to increase energy gain energy fast ” tap dance video

The technologies I used are…

  • EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • QiGong
  • The TAO
  • Brain Wave (from Ilchi Lee)
  • The teachings of Source Healing
  • A powerful intent to help you learn how to get more energy naturally

These combined technologies result in a vortex generating energy experience. Practice this simple technique to shift even the most stubborn of negative patterns in your life.

The Energy Tap Dance includes several extra elements that are designed with the specific intent of getting you moving, revitalising your mind and your body, and getting the energy flowing.

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How to increase energy with the Energy Tap Dance

QiGong and the TAO teach us that energy is constantly flowing through the Universe. Energy enters, passes through, and accumulates in all animate and inanimate bodies freely, and with a purposeful intelligent intent.

QiGong and TAO Masters knew about Chi Energy thousands of years before science caught up. Quantum Physicists and mainstream science now all agree that the entire creation is made up of energy.

Thanks to Quantum Physics we have also discovered another secret about “energy”. We have learned that our thoughts and expectations have the power to alter it. That is, energy alters its patterns depending on who is observing it.

Where there are no observers, energy flows as it was intended to do. Where there are many observers, the prevalent expectations of the observers will alter the energy pattern.


The purpose of the Energy Tap Dance

The purpose of the Energy Tap Dance is to get your vibrations to shift to “fun, feeling good, feeling energetic” by …

  • Using music, rhythm and body movements
    • All these aim at distracting the ego and reduce the monkey mind chatter. Eventually, the ego will catch up to the ploy–it always does. But, if you persist practising it will no longer be able to derail your success.
  • Isochronic tones. I use these specially programmed tones because they are effective without headphones. Binaural tones (old technology) require headphones to work. Specially programmed isochronic tones work without headphones. The tones embedded in the audio carry a strong “energy generating” vibration.
  • EFT Tapping. If you are not familiar with EFT please read this page. I have adapted the EFT tapping to weave nicely with all the other energy giving technologies in this video.
  • Qi-Gong and TAO movements. Once again, I have adapted the most powerful movements I learned in Qi-Gong and the TAO which “move” energy and “unblock” the flow of Chi.


Take charge of your life and gain energy fast

There are millions of people trapped in the illusion that they are a lost cause. That they are the cause of their lack of energy, chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Such people live in a state of shame and fear because they feel that they are “abnormal” or “weak”. This could not be further from the truth.

What has really happened is that old memories and childhood programs have caused them to adopt a victim mentality–a helpless state from which there is no escape.

If you are one of those people, I am here to tell you that this is all an illusion. A very “real” illusion but an illusion all the same.

Right now muster all the determination that you can and say “I can and I will regain my energy fast!”. Then do the Energy Tap Dance–no matter what your ego says.

The snarling, deriding ego is in a state of terror because you are taking steps to reclaim your power.

Remember you are not alone in this predicament. I have seen hundreds of similarly affected people reclaim their power and energy. And not just gain their energy fast–but also alter all other negative aspects of their lives.

It is possible to do this, others have done it and so can you.


Guidelines on how to use the Energy Tap Dance to gain energy fast

  • Always get a medical checkup before using the Energy Tap Dance. Explain to your doctor that you intend to participate in a moderate energy dance.
  • Practice at least once a day–preferably in the morning
  • Adjust the movements’ intensity to your level of health and fitness. If you are bedridden or unable to make the full movements do what you can. You will still enjoy the same benefits.
    • Subscribers who are unable to move have described how they enjoyed imagining themselves making the movements on an imaginary dance floor
    • In simple terms, if you can use it move it.
  • There is no need to overexert: tiny movements, slower movements are perfectly fine
  • If you feel pain, dizzy or uncomfortable stop immediately and get medical attention.
  • Avoid using the tap dance late at night or before going to bed (unless you want extra energy and are not planning to sleep)
  • If you can convince a loved one to join you. When it comes to gaining energy the more people that are involved the better. Children love the energy tap dance and they can benefit from the loving and fun connection with you.
  • Allow your intuition to kick in during the dance:
    • day-dream being with the perfect partner,
    • imagine you have the type of body you desire
    • use the dance to celebrate the unexpected financial victory
    • do not under any circumstances “force” anything to happen. Rather get into the wonderful, warm, invigorating energy of success, wealth and true love with your perfect partner
    • Totally ignore any criticism from the ego (it will try to sabotage the experience guaranteed)


What to do after practising the energy dance

  • Lie down and observe the quality of your thoughts–rate them on the scale of 1-10 ten being absolutely great, positive and empowering. Simply observe them. Do not criticise the thoughts.
  • If memories bubble up, observe them as if you were watching a TV show. Once again, do not get involved in the energy–simply observe it
  • Keep an eye for “coincidental” events, ideas, hints, accidental meeting. Keep a record of these and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10–10 being absolutely wonderful
  • If a positive event happens instantly go into a state of gratitude.
    • There is no need for launching into complex ceremonies and genuflections–just a simple “thank you” will do.
    • You are treating “gratitude” as a vibration of well-being and an acknowledgement that positive events are starting to happen in your life

Other tips how to increase energy

  • Stay hydrated.  Drink more water.  Water is an essential part of the body well being
  • Eat fresh food and fresh vegetables.  Avoid any packaged food
  • Get plenty of sleep


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