Hoponopono Prayer For Forgiveness With EFT

Posted on November 1, 2016 by AlexanderHoponopono Hawaiian Prayer For Forgiveness

Hoponopono Prayer For Forgiveness With EFT Free Meditation Video

This Hoponopono Prayer For Forgiveness can help you overcome insurmountable life challenges.

Are you stuck in a pattern of negative energy which keeps attracting unfortunate and regrettable events in your life?


Hoponopono is powerful

Hoponopono, the beautiful Hawaiian Prayer, brings you a flood of spiritual power and is capable of triggering miracles in peoples’ lives.

Countless of my Ho’ponopono YouTube Channel Subscribers write to me how Hoponopono has helped them change their lives for the better.

You can read the self-healing and spiritual healing testimonies on my YouTube Meditations Channel. 


Hoponopono Prayer For Forgiveness

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is one of the best self-healing techniques ever discovered

The wonderful Gary Craig is the original creator of EFT.  He is the most generous, ethical and honest person I know in the so-called “spiritual industry”.

I have dedicated an entire article on the benefits of EFT, click on the link if you are interested in learning more.


Hoponopono and EFT prayer for forgiveness an awesome combination

I decided to record a series of meditation videos that include the power of Hoponopono and EFT because I believe that this combination can help you remove even the most stubborn memories or negative programs.

Of course,  there are no scientific studies that support my belief.  Both EFT and Hooponopono are not taken seriously by the scientific community.  

But I am certain that in the not-so-distant-future spiritual tools such as this one I offer will receive the credit they deserve.


How to use the Hoponopono and EFT prayer for forgiveness

Simply watch the free meditation video every day for 30 days and recite the words with me.

Practice the ho’oponopono healing prayer first thing in the morning and just before falling asleep.

Please do download the video and install it on your PC, MAC or smartphone to avoid delays and hiccups during the play.   This will also help prevent my server from becoming overloaded.

There are thousands of people streaming my meditation videos and prayers every day through the thereisaway site and this increasing traffic often affects my blessed (and creaking) shared hosting server.  🙂  So be nice and download the video.


Can Hoponopono build a relationship with money and abundance? 

Most importantly,  remember that this Ho’oponopono prayer can be used for an unlimited number of issues–not just spiritual ones.  The moment you take responsibility for all the chaos in your life, you instantly open the door to recovery.  

Blaming other people, your parents or “life circumstances” precludes you from finding a solution to your challenges.  

This is because the solutions are already there within you.  The moment you “choose” to step away from “victim mentality” you open the door to the awesome power that lives within you.  

This power knows no lack or limitation.  You literally begin to “invent” your new reality.


EFT Tapping Points Guide Video

EFT Tapping Technique


Most of my readers are familiar with the EFT Tapping Points.  However, there are many who are not.  I also noticed that some of the reference EFT Tapping Points videos do not contain all the Tapping points that Gary Craig recommended.  

Gary Craig’s EFT is the most copied healing discovery in the world :-).   

Therefore, in an effort to ensure that my readers use the original and the correct tapping points I have produced a video. You can watch this video and download it for free.


The EFT component of this prayer is  optional

I introduced the EFT component because it is the most powerful emotional stabilizer I know.  Many of my subscribers are dealing with life-threatening physical challenges or emotional nightmare scenarios.

EFT acts as a “spiritual tranquilliser”.  It helps these good people making a connection with Higher Intelligence.   Many of the thank you e-mails I receive mention this.

This is because when people vibrate at frequencies of despair. terror and helplessness it is very difficult for them to open to the high energies that “create” miracles.

Fear is essentially faith in evil, and when people have faith in evil they can hardly be expected to sense healing energies.

I greatly encourage you to use the EFT component (even if you are not experiencing difficulties).   However, if you intuitively feel that you do not need the EFT component, then simply ignore the tapping points prompts and focus on the sweet energy of the words.

However, if you intuitively feel that you do not need the EFT component, then simply ignore the tapping points prompts and focus on the sweet energy of the words.

Most importantly, remember to breathe deeply 🙂



Transcript of the Hoponopono and EFT video

I encourage you to memorize these words or print them.  Handwriting, reading and reciting these words adds a new element of power to your healing, cleaning session.  

Reading the script may also be a more discreet method to carry out the forgiveness prayer.  For example, during a very boring meeting, or downtime.

Please respect the copyrights of this Hoponopono & EFT process.



Dear Father,
Beloved Creator
In whom I rest abide and have my being

I thank you
for giving me another day
In which I may learn your ways
In which I may serve you
and your creation

Taking responsibility

I am sorry for forgetting you
And for forgetting Who I really am
And my real purpose
Here on Earth

Please forgive me
I love you
and I thank you
For your unconditional love

Realization and taking action

You now remind me
that I am Created in your image
A magnificent Spiritual being
A splendid being of light

And even though
I have forgotten you
And my role
So many times before

I deeply and completely
Love, accept and forgive myself
And anyone else who may be involved

And I resolve
to be more Careful in the future.

Addressing the Higher Self

Dear Higher Self
You are my connection
To the Divine

You are the source
Of all inspiration

You are the part of me
Who abides with my Creator

You are the messenger
That brings me
God’s messages of love, Compassion
and understanding

You are the Inner Counselor
Who listens to my prayers
And lifts them high
To the Heavenly Dimension

Taking responsibility

I am sorry
If at times
My behaviour
Creates obstacles
To your work
Please forgive me

I love you  And I thank you

For what you do

So that I may Experience a life
Filled with abundance
and Good health.

Realization and taking action

And even though
My behaviour
And my thoughts
Are not always
In Accordance with Your plan

I deeply and completely
Love and Accept and Forgive myself
And anyone else involved.


Dear Mind
You are the part of me
That makes it possible
For me to communicate
With the outside world

Realization and taking action

I am sorry
for accepting negative thoughts
into my consciousness
without challenge

Please forgive me
I love you
And I thank you

I now resolve
To be more careful
About the quality
of the thoughts

That I allow
To gain entry
Into your dimension

I now resolve
To Seek and welcome
Thoughts of love
And compassion

And to clean and erase
All negative thoughts
Against myself
And other people

And even though
I allow Negative thoughts
To enter you

I deeply
and completely
Love and accept and Forgive myself

And anyone else
Who may have contributed to this.

Realization and taking action

Dear Memories,
You are the negative voice of my ego

The source of all the difficulties
That I experience in my life

I am sorry that you are still there

I know
that I am unable
to Silence or Remove you,

For if I could,
I would have gladly
Already done so

But even though
you are Still there
causing havoc in my life

I deeply and completely
Love and accept and Forgive myself
And anyone else involved.

I am a magnificent spiritual being
A splendid being of light

And I know that I can ask my Creator
To help me clean and erase you
From my consciousness.

I now take full responsibility
For you dear memories

Whatever you may be
Wherever you may have come from
I know that My behaviour

Or the actions and thoughts
Of my ancestors before me

Are responsible for your being there

Dear memories
I do love you
And I thank you

for Providing me
with the  Opportunity
to take control

And to establish dominion
Over my mind

But now I ask you
Won’t you please let go?

Your work is done
And you are no longer necessary

Please let go.

Taking action

And now I ask
my Heavenly Father

to clean all these memories
and erase all their negative effects
in time and space.

And even though
I know That I am responsible
For these memories

I deeply and completely
and accept myself

And everyone else involved.


The Ho’oponopono and EFT self-cleaning meditation include the Ho’oponopono Mantra I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you.

The background is a music track from the album “Ho’oponopono Song” from Aman Ryusuke Seto.

Aman Ryusuke Seto’s produces beautiful meditation and spiritual music.

The Hoponopono Prayer For Forgiveness With EFT update 1 July 2019.