hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction with EFT

Posted on November 16, 2016 by AlexanderPrayer for help with problems

Hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction with EFT

I recorded this Hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction with the intent to help you receive guidance, direction, and solutions to your challenges. 

When challenges occur, especially those that are unexpected, the ego tends to panic.  The ego is not very good at dealing with situations is untrained to manage, or that it cannot control.

To make things worse, if the ego mind has experienced strong programs of fear and failure (directly or indirectly created during childhood) that ego will tend to overreact and go into a full panic mode–even when dealing with small trivial problems or any type of change. 


hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction with EFT

How to use the Hooponopono prayer

Just as with all my other prayers and meditations,  always allow your intuition to guide you on how to use them.  Higher Intelligence does not create duplicates.  

Every human being has specific needs when it comes to spiritual matters, and the HigherSelf is the only intelligence that knows what they are.

I have outlined below some of the frequently asked questions:


  • The breathing technique
    • The rate of the breathing I call out may or may not suit you.  If this is the case simply adjust the breathing to a rate that suits you and that is comfortable.  
    • The Hooponopono meditation is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable and there is nothing enjoyable about gasping for air or asphyxia.
    • As you practice more and more you are most likely to become more efficient with your breathing and you will have no problems following my prompts.


  • Stating your challenge at the beginning of the prayer for guidance and direction
  • At the beginning of the prayer, I have left a gap in the recording to you the opportunity to state your issue.
  • It is entirely up to you to state your challenge or to remain silent.  There is no right or wrong.  Allow your intuition to guide you.
  • There are people who believe that Higher Intelligence already knows the nature of your challenge.
  • Others feel the need to state their issue aloud.
  • They are both right.


  • How to use the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Points
    • Most of my subscribers are familiar with EFT.  If you do not know the tapping points or would like to refresh your memory, you can view them here.  



Why I chose hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction 

This guided meditation uses EFT and Hooponopono spiritual technology to deal with all your problems no matter what they may be.

If you are not familiar with the power of Hooponopono and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) you can learn about them here.  

I have included the basics of EFT and principles of Hooponopono on another meditation post.

All the great Spiritual Masters tell us that our problems and challenges are nothing but reminders that we need to urgently deal with certain aspects of our behaviour or thinking.

There are also those who tell us that karmic debts incurred because of our present or past actions and thoughts are the cause of all our current problems, catastrophes, illnesses and loss.  

I have a problem with this line of thinking.  However, there is no way anyone can know the truth for sure.  

Once again I suggest you trust your intuition or gut feeling.

In all cases, the Gospel and other scriptures reveal that our Creator will swiftly delete these karmic debts.

Higher Intelligence can and will erase all negative effects from past karmic events (if they really do exist) if we ask, in sincere prayer, for this intervention.


Use the hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction on everything

During the initial stages of my spiritual training, my teachers would often remind me that “humility is the key that opens all spiritual doors”.  

Another “secret” I learned was that “gratitude keeps all the good things coming”.

Do you want to get good results from the Hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction?

Then you must be prepared to approach it with the mindset of a child–one who is seeking comfort and protection.

The ego demands revenge and punishment for the “wrongdoers”.  Higher Intelligence never sees “wrongdoing” it only sees the results of “action and reaction”.  

In simple terms, you must be able to approach this Hooponopono prayer for help without any thoughts of judgement or guilt.  

Guilt is judgment passed against yourself by yourself.  It is a destructive and useless form of energy because it precludes you from applying remedies to correct the acts of “wrongdoing”.


The combined power of Hooponopono and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This prayer meditation is especially powerful for those of us who grew up with inadequate parents who did not know how to give or receive love.

Whether your problem is of a financial nature, health-related, drugs or alcohol abuse or behavioural, your Creator is perfectly able and willing to help you.

My teachers taught me that “fear is faith in evil” and that, if I energised fear with my attention I would be basically giving energy to my own failures.

In this meditation, you will learn that you are a “magnificent spiritual being” a “splendid being of light”.  Indeed, Higher Intelligence does not make “mistakes”.  Each and every human being has a purpose and this purpose is unique.

However, circumstances beyond your control caused you to forget your birthright.  This meditation is the tool you need to reconnect with the Light and change your life.


Approach this prayer meditation with the heart of a child

Be prepared to go before your Creator with a mind free of opinions, blame or criticism against yourself or other people.

Only then will the Light be able to do its work unhindered–and miracles can take place in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

If you know someone who is in deep trouble–give them a copy of this video or audio file. 

If you cannot do so, use the hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction on their behalf.


Future Hooponopono meditations

I am currently rebuilding the Thereisaway site, when I complete this project I intend to produce more free Hooponopono meditations and scripts you can use …  

  • new ho oponopono words and EFT videos
  • hooponopono money meditations
  • various ho’oponopono mantra recordings
  • as well as a few more surprises

I will post about these new products in my Page and via tweets.


I updated the hooponopono prayer for guidance and direction with EFT on the 29 June 2019.