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Posted on June 7, 2016 by Alexanderguided self healing meditation

Guided self-healing meditation mantra for healing chants

This is a guided self-healing meditation mantra healing chant you can use as often as you like.  The Source Healing Chant is a multi-purpose spiritual tool that can enrich your life in many surprising ways.

This little chant will uplift you, enchant you, energise you and cause you to align with the Creator. 

This chant has already produced many miracles in my life. I know it will do the same with yours.


guided self healing meditation  

When to do the Source Healing guided self-healing meditation chant

Enjoy this self-healing chant at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm (your time zone) or you can align with my Australian time zone.  Doing so will cause you to do the guided self-healing meditation alongside me and all the people who are using the Aussie time zone (Canberra Australia time).

There are lots of subscribers all over the world who are doing this.  I believe that the more people of goodwill participate in any activity, the more powerful that activity becomes.  This is particularly true in this case.


Guided self-healing meditation time tool

To make it easier for you I have set up a time tool.  The tool is preset at 12 noon, but you can change it to any of the other times.  Select the time that you want and on the next screen, you will be able to select your country and city.   The calculator will provide you with the correct equivalent time.  

I believe that the more people of goodwill participate in any activity, the more powerful that activity becomes.  This is particularly true in this case.  But, I want to make it clear that it is not necessary to align with my time zone.  There are no added benefits in doing so.  

What is important is that you do it at regular intervals.  If your schedule does not permit the 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm times, change it to a time that suits you best.  I encourage you to make this self-healing meditation chant a daily experience.

Of course, if your lifestyle absolutely prevents you from devoting a few minutes of your time on a regular basis, then do it when you can.  But I urge you to make the time–it is well worth it!


How to do the Source Healing guided self-healing meditation chant

Select a time and a place where you are less likely to be disturbed.  Sit upright, keep your spine erect, cup your hands, if possible remove your shoes and socks.

Pay close attention to physical sensations, shifts in consciousness and other subtle beneficial effects–they regularly happen “live” with every chant.

You may also hum the chant in your mind if you are experiencing challenges during your daily activities.

Don’t affirm, visualise, ask, pray or beg for anything.  This is a time for receiving what Higher Intelligence sends your way.  Attempting to force an outcome will negate this self-healing meditation and reduce its effectiveness and power.

If you want to ask Higher Intelligence for help with something that is important to you, use the free guided prayer I offer on this website.


How the Source Healing guided self-healing meditation chant came about

This little chant came to me unexpectedly, just like all the other tools offered on this site.  On the 28th of April 2012, I was driving to a nearby town when this tune came into my mind and would not leave.  It was a simple tune with a few words–but it made a strong impression on me.   

I recognised the familiar signature because of the overwhelming feelings of love I felt.  Those of you who are familiar with these feelings will tell you that they cause people to sob uncontrollably with tears of delight.  

This is what happened to me.  One moment I was driving, contemplating the errands I had to complete, and in the next my eyes were welled up with tears of joy.  I decided to stop the car and record the tune and the words on my phone for safe keeping.  I still have the recording, and each time I hear it I can instantly recall the emotions I felt.

Later on, my Guides explained to me that new destructive energies were about to surface and that this little chant would help minimise the undesirable effects.  They encouraged me to distribute it freely and unconditionally.  

Their predictions turned out to be correct as usual.  Since then I have noticed the sudden and dramatic deterioration of the vibrations on this planet.  Fortunately, these are only temporary and they herald much better things to come.

A few days later, thanks to the help of talented musicians who created a music score and provided guidance during the recording, I recorded the final cut in the meditation room at my home.  A few friends helped me record it.  The music editor I use then turned the voice of five people into a chorus :-).

Since then, hundreds of thousands of visitors and my regular subscribers have downloaded the Source Healing Chant–so it must be working :-).


The technology behind the Source Healing self-healing meditation chant

The body posture, the cupping of the hands, the importance of being in a receptive mode and of doing the healing chant at regular times came after I received the chant.  

This is consistent with all the tools that I have received from the upper world.  First, comes the concept of the tool, and with it all the necessary details to make the tool come to life. Then comes a process of refining that “shines” the tool and makes it ready for publishing.  

During the process of refining new material generally appears via the media, the internet, and books.  

In the case of the Source Healing guided self-healing meditation chant, I came upon the work of Bruno Gröning an extraordinary German faith healer.  Gröning’s life, his work and his story fascinate me and I am still reading avidly about him. 

Bruno Gröning taught about the existence of a healing divine energy which he called “Heilstrom”.  

Gröning freely taught a way to align with this energy.  He names the technique “einstellen” which is German for “tuning in”. 

He compared human beings to batteries that regularly become depleted of energy.  In order to remain healthy or regain good health humans need to recharge.  According to  Gröning people can easily do this by tuning into the Healing Wave.  I immediately decided to adopt these teachings and self-healing meditation techniques for my free self-healing meditation.

I updated the guided self-healing meditation post on the 8 of July 2019.