guided breathing meditation with whale sounds and whale noises

Posted on November 17, 2016 by Alexanderguided breathing meditation with whale sounds and whale noises

Guided breathing meditation with whale sounds and whale noises download

This guided breathing meditation video can help relax you and put life back into perspective.  The haunting whale sounds and whale noises will transport you and enchant you.  Whale sounds never fail to produce goosebumps for me 🙂

Following my prompts will easily help through the process of restoring your natural balance and breathing rhythm.  This makes the entire process so much easier.  

No need to do mental counts of the number of breaths!  No need to concern yourself with the interval breathing rhythm! I have taken care of all that for you; All you have to do is “breathe” :-).



guided breathing meditation with whale sounds and whale noises

Why I created this guided breathing meditation YouTube video with whale sounds

During my formative times, my teachers caused me to learn Hatha Yoga and Prana Yoga breathing techniques.   

I had never heard of these new breathing techniques and practices and it took me quite a while to master them.  

Right there and then I resolved to create a guided breathing meditation to help new people like me benefit from these powerful breathing techniques.

The idea of adding whale sounds and whale noises came to me during the production of the first guided breathing meditation script.  I felt that something was missing.

A few days later I watched a beautiful YouTube guided breathing meditation.  After that video was over a video of haunting whale songs started playing 🙂 and I knew that I had found my missing piece 🙂


How this guided breathing meditation will help your physical and spiritual life

This deep breathing guided meditation will help relax you and energise you.  Hatha Yoga Masters tells us that when you breathe in a certain way two reactions take place …

  • You bring more oxygen in the body and enrich the blood, neurons and cells (everyone knows that)
  • You restart the flow of Chi, Prana, or Life Energy as I call it.  This process causes tremendous benefits to the physical and spiritual body.
  • You flush out negative energy and draw in beneficial energy.  Those who are familiar with all forms of Yoga Breathing Techniques will testify to these benefits.  Indeed, some of my atheist and agnostic friends have felt the undeniable benefits first hand.


Frequent questions and observations about the breathing meditation

  • How to deal with the monkey mind chattering during the meditation
    • The ego distrusts and detests any activity that it does not understand.  It will attempt to sabotage the breathing meditation–guaranteed.  
    • Being the result of collective intelligence it will draw on the vast resources that it has at its disposal
      • phone calls
      • loud traffic noise
      • unexpected visitors
      • a barrage of spurious thoughts
    • All these attempts at disrupting your experience are perfectly ok–provided that you do not energise them with your attention.  When these “attempts” take place …
      • Do not fight them–embrace them.  Pay attention to them for a few seconds and then return your focus to the sound of your breath.
      • You can also focus your attention on the spiral (I put it there to keep the ego occupied) 🙂
      • Focus your attention to the whale sounds.
  • Can this meditation be used as a psychic breathing meditation guided exercise?
    • If by “psychic” you mean enhancing your intuition and opening your mind to Higher Intelligence–definitely yes.
    • All Yoga Breathing Masters attest that the science of breath opens new spiritual doors.
    • If you have a particular “positive” intent, see it projected into the spiral.  
    • You can also expel negative thoughts and emotions into the spiral and watch them dissolve.


  • I can smell perfume, sweet flower-like scents and feel a gentle breeze on my face during the meditation
    • All these are signs that you are on the right path.  Many of my subscribers report these experiences while using my meditations and tools.
    • It could also be that you left the window open or someone sprayed a room deodorant nearby 🙂


guided breathing meditation with whale sounds and whale noises 28 June 2019.