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You found our free guided meditation video and audio site — well done!

You are about to discover a series of powerful mystical tools that have the potential of enriching your life and freeing you from the bondage of fear, depression, poverty and mediocrity.

As with all truths, these guided meditation videos and audios are simple to use and easy to learn.

They will take you only a few minutes to master and you will be able to use them all day long without interfering with your normal activities.

Most importantly, these mystical tools will work for you irrespective of your spiritual beliefs, age, gender, or socio-economic status.


Free guided meditation audio and video download for stress release and relaxation are they for you?


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The technology behind the free guided meditation is based on …


My aim is to produce and distribute the best free guided meditation audios, videos, and self-help tools

This site is not about religion! It is all about self-empowerment through connection to Higher Intelligence. 

This site is all about evolution, the process that can only be arrived at through study, experimentation, practice–and personal experience. 

The sole aim is to offer and help distribute guided and self-guided meditation videos free of commercial interests and hidden agendas.  

You will never be asked to join organizations, worship people, make donations or from any affiliations with cults or religions in order to download free guided meditation from–ever!   

The tools and resources I am offering are not designed to convert you to any one spiritual or religious belief.  They are simply tools that you may use to help improve your life.

The fact that millions of people have downloaded my videos and meditations and are using them every day successfully, encourages me to produce more.


Are these free audio and video guided meditations for you?

If you happen to believe that you are the result of an explosion and nothing else, or worse still that you created yourself, then this site is not yet for you.  

The tools I offer will work for anyone, believer or skeptical alike; nonetheless, some people will find the terminology difficult to use; 

others may also believe the tools are nonsensical or unacceptable.

If your reaction to what you are reading is one of indignation, profound scoffing, derision, and disbelief,  this site is definitely not for you.

Please return to when you are ready–do not waste your time any further.

If on the other hand, you sense that there may be a Higher Intelligence–but are not too sure about it, this site is for you.

This is because these tools, prayers, meditations and hypnosis sessions will help you open your mind and make a special connection.  

Additionally, these guided meditations will assist you in making your own discoveries.  

Equally important, if you use these tools regularly, you will obtain irrefutable evidence of the existence of a Higher Intelligence based on your personal experiences.

Personally, I do not have the courage nor the arrogance to state that the human race is the highest and only intelligence in the entire Universe.

In the light of the current state of affairs and other compelling evidence provided to us by history, I see no evidence of intelligence.

Moreover, I can safely assert that investing trillions of dollars in the production of weapons of mass destruction is not a demonstration of intelligence.

It is not intelligent to destroy the ecosystem that sustains our species–the only ecosystem we have.  


So why am I doing this?

What’s the catch? True, there is no such thing as a free lunch. I will be making one request of you–one that you will find irresistible and so very pleasing.  

You are free to use all the meditations, chants, audios, videos and tools on this site to improve your life. 

I invite you to download and freely distribute any of the tools you find on this website–BUT in return, I ask that …

  • you use the miracle healing prayer at least once a day to help another person,
  • and to do so anonymously and without charge.

I will provide you with the free audio and video tools, scripts cleaning tools and other instructions on how to do this.

All you have to do is dedicate a few minutes each day to use the tools as a service to the field–that is all.

I also request that you not sell any of these tools or charge fees for sharing the technologies you will learn on this website.

Why I offer free guided meditation audios and videos and self-development tools

Let it be clear that I have nothing against money, wealth and any form of honest and ethical commercial practices.

I see money as a form of energy and just like all other forms of energy it can have constructive or destructive effects.

I will be discussing money and wealth in detail.  I will provide you with meditations and tools that are designed to help you attract more money and more prosperity in your life.

Keeping this site and the tools free of charge will help prevent greed and other selfish interests from contaminating the message. 

This is because I have witnessed this contamination take place in the lives of so many well-meaning people–and I do not want it to happen to me.

I also think that it is right for me to walk the talk.–that is, if I truly believe in the tools I am offering, then I must also believe that I can use them to generate the funds needed for this project–indeed much much more than that!

Who pays for video downloads?

I am funding from my savings.  The only money I have received so far are those from advertisements on this site. 

Eventually, I am planning to remove all ads from the site, but at the moment this is not possible, so I apologise if any of these ads annoy you. 🙂


Give more than you receive–it will eventually even itself out 🙂 

In all honesty, I believe that those who choose to sell the Creator’s gifts, short-change themselves greatly. 

I can already claim that since I started this project I have met some of the most wonderful and generous people on this planet who have allowed me to use their music, graphics, and other resources–freely and joyously.  

This has been a learning experience for me–as I am not at all comfortable in asking for favours.  

I have absolutely no issue with people of goodwill offering their healing skills and services receiving money for their labour.

Indeed–I wish for all the true spiritual people of this planet to be billionaires.

Lastly, suffice it to say that the decision of not charging for these tools and resources is not entirely mine.

Still here? Wow, you made it this far!  That’s great.

Well, let’s get to work.  The I recommend you start with the Guided Breathing Exercise

However, if you feel intuitively attracted to the Meditation or the Cleaning Tools or the Source Healing Chant–please feel free to jump ahead.

I do recommend that you start with the Guided Breathing Meditation–you will find it … breathtaking. 

Indeed the Guided Breathing Exercise will suit almost everyone–and the benefits are instantaneous.  


Great new free guided meditation downloads as they are released!

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Sooner or later these lists end up in the wrong hands and the end result is spam.

So if you wish to be notified when new free guided meditation video downloads become available …

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This free guided meditation page updated on the 25 August 2017.