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EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping For Emotional Health — what it is

EFT tapping is a process where you tap certain parts of your body with your fingers.  

These points described as “meridian points” are the same as those used in acupuncture.

The EFT Tapping process also includes the use of phrases which according to EFT founder, the wonderful Gary Craig, are capable of helping people correct a large number of issues.  


A brief history of the Emotional Freedom Technique and EFT tapping

Dr. Roger Callahan PhD discovered the concept of tapping on meridians in the early 80′ while treating a patient with a phobia. 

He was a clinical psychologist and graduate of the University of Michigan receiving a PhD in clinical psychology from Syracuse University.   Dr Callahan called his new discovery TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

The discovery of TFT created a great deal of interest among registered therapists, as well as alternative medicine and self-help enthusiasts.

Gary Craig, a retired engineer with an interest for alternative healing, became a student of Dr Callahan in 1991–subsequently mastering the technique.

Typical of engineers, Gary went ahead and looked at ways of improving TFT and making it more readily available to the general public.


The birth of EFT Tapping

Gary released EFT in 1195.  His intention was to make the EFT tapping techniques widely and cheaply available to the general public.  He printed a  free comprehensive and easy-to-understand EFT manual.

Shortly after the release of the EFT Technique Manual, he published The EFT Course video set.  The cost of this wonderful course was very reasonable.  I was fortunate to buy a copy of Gary’s Course and I still enjoy watching the videos.

I noted Gary’s generosity in generous copyrights concessions.  He encouraged his students to freely promote EFT to the masses and to be ethical and professional.

He also freely offered eft tapping practitioner seminars and course with a view of attracting generous and unselfish people willing to help him get this new self-healing process to the people that needed it.

Regrettably, as with all gifts from Spirit, EFT attracted a multitude of frauds, scammers and opportunists. These unfortunate greedy opportunists used misleading and fraudulent advertising and ridiculous healing claims in order to cash in this great self-healing discovery.

I know that the proliferation of these fraudulent activities broke Gary’s heart.  Ultimately, he decided to close EFT in an attempt to distance himself from the frauds.

Fortunately, Gary has restarted supporting EFT.  I encourage those of you who wish to buy books and videos on EFT to visit Gary Craig’s original and official website.

If you are interested in reading more about EFT, its origins and spectacular results you can read more on this website.


My take on EFT Tapping

Just as with all spiritual and healing tools that exist under the sun,  EFT Tapping will make miracles happen for some people, others may not get similar results.  

At best you will enjoy the results that thousands of self-healing enthusiasts have experienced.  Many of these people are using EFT tapping for depression and even for self-healing from physical challenges.

At worst, you will have exercised your arms and hands during the tapping process.

It is also true that despite the claims of many EFT practitioners there are no real consistent, empirical studies on EFT.  Yet there is a multitude of professional therapists who recommend EFT to their patients.

So my suggestion is to do what Gary suggests “Try it on everything” if it works — well and good.  If it does not work well and good too.

Indeed, many of my subscribers report that they have successfully used EFT Tapping for wealth and physical challenges–I cannot validate these claims so they are purely anecdotal.

I like EFT and I have incorporated the principles of Gary Craig’s Emotional Therapy Technique in many of my tools designed for people experiencing traumatic events.  I have explained the reason why I have done so in another post on this site.

On this site, you will find many free EFT tapping scripts and guided meditations and videos that will ease the eft tapping sequence process.


How to use Gary Craig’s EFT Tapping Points

I recorded the video below to demonstrate how to do the EFT Tapping.  Remember that “tapping” does not mean thumping. You should feel the tap–but it should not hurt you or knock you out.  So please be gentle.

I intentionally left out a few tapping points that are not relevant to the purpose of most of my videos.  You can learn all the EFT Tapping Points by visiting Gary Craig’s EMO FREE website.  

Most importantly, be clear that you do not need to buy an eft tapping certification or pay for EFT tapping therapy sessions offered by “certified EFT therapists”.  

Use the many excellent free videos available on Gary’s site, Google ” youtube eft tapping ” and allow your intuition to guide you throughout the process.  

Remember, only your Higher Self knows what you need to evolve further–no one else is privy to that information.

EFT Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique


Words, Phrases and Mantras you can use

If you are using my videos you don’t need to worry about what words to say.  I have already included them in the guided meditations.

I encourage you to use my meditation videos, at least until you are familiar with EFT.  However, I know that some of you will ignore this advice 🙂

If you really must use your own words and phrases when starting with EFT, allow your intuition to guide you.  Your Higher Self knows exactly why you are doing the tapping.

Your intuition will inspire you to use certain phrases or words.  Do not limit the Higher Self,  and only use words and phrases that make you feel good.  

If you feel uncomfortable using a certain phrase stop using it and look for another that does not generate resistance. 


About EFT Therapy

Remember, EFT is not a “therapy”  unless it is conducted by a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.  So stay well clear of so-called “EFT Therapists” who will charge you exorbitant fees and who masquerade as “alternative EFT healers”.

I do not offer advice or sell EFT products and I am not qualified to offer psychological opinions or diagnosis.  

If you want more information on EFT I suggest you contact Gary Craig.  He is a trustworthy and ethical person.

As with all other tools, meditations and videos I offer on this site, you must check with your health carer before using the tools I offer.  Remember these tools are not meant to heal anyone.  They are meant to relax you and to make you feel good.

I updated this EFT Tapping page on the 30 June 2019.