Contact Thereisaway

Contact Thereisaway

I am receiving an increasing amount of mail so please be patient.  :-).

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I do not offer paid face-to-face counselling,  private hypnosis, or phone, Skype sessions.   All my work is done by distance.  This helps eliminate ego-related issues and also make the work very efficient and effective.

If you wish to ask for a free healing session, please visit  The healing request page for is

The purpose of the site is to provide tools that empower people so that they may take control of their lives–it is not to create yet another guru with flowing robes–there are enough gurus (as well as other types of  spiritual predators) in this world.

My view is that we all come to this planet fully equipped with the necessary means to evolve further. 

Trust in your own intuition and in the certainty that the Higher Intelligence that created you will provide you with all the means necessary to evolve further.