clearing negative energy

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Alexanderclearing negative energy

clearing negative energy

Homes that have been subject to depressing, negative thought-forms for long periods of time can reverberate negative energy affecting the inhabitants and visitors.

This low energy can also attract other undesirable, dense energies.

I do not want to go too deeply into this topic as it would only energise the very nature of these dense energies.

Suffice it to say, that in my experience, many people walk right into homes or buy homes that are infested with these negative energies. 

The very walls of the home are reeking with dense, low energy, affecting everyone that comes into contact with it.

Soon after visiting such a miserable home, or moving into it, they start to experience depressive thoughts and other associated unhelpful feelings.

For this reason, I often advise subscribers who have experienced long periods of depression or illness to clear their dwellings or places of work.

I also consider this step a mandatory one when moving into a new home or moving into a new business building.

clearing negative energy in your home or place of business

I strongly advise you to do the following…

  1. Declutter your home of unnecessary items.  If you have not used it in the last three months it should be stored elsewhere or donated to charity.
  2. Remove any object that is depressing in nature: paintings, trinkets, statues, photos etc.  If, when you look at them, the VES drops, throw them out.  Do not give these items to charity.
  3. Once your home is decluttered, open all the windows and let fresh air and sunlight enter each room.
  4. At this point, our home is ready for clearing.
  5. Buy a white sage smudge stick.  Buy it online or from a shop with nice and friendly energy.  If the energy in the store is low or dense, walk out immediately and go to another.
  6. Make sure you are in a positive state of mind.  Undertaking this process if you are upset is a waste of time and could actually make things worse.
  7. Go to your Source Power Zone.
  8. Light the smudge stick.
  9. Say ”Blessed is the name of the Lord God, King and Ruler of the Universe.” as you light the smudge stick.
  10. Go from room to room moving the sage stick gently and say these words …
  11. “I dedicate this room to the Lord God, King and Ruler of the Universe.”
  12. Repeat the sentence slowly and with feelings until you experience a pleasant, tingling feeling.
  13. Move to the next room and repeat the process.
  14. You may experience distracting thoughts.  Simply ignore these and focus on repeating the words in earnest.
  15. Soon after the clearing, acquire some rainwater, river water or seawater.
  16. Repeat steps 6 and 7.
  17. Say” Blessed is the name of the Lord God, King and Ruler of the Universe.” as you hold the water cup.
  18. Go from room to room, sprinkle the water and say these words …
  19. “Blessed is the name of the Lord God, King and Ruler of the Universe.”
  20. You will experience a sensation of freshness and purity as you do this.

When people walk into your home they will feel the difference and are likely to ask you what you did to the home.

Simply say that you have done some spring cleaning. 🙂

Do not announce to the world that you have done a clearing.  If you do this, the effects of the clearing will vanish and you will be back to square one.  There is nothing more devastating than an inflated ego.  Such an ego is a portal for dense energies to infiltrate your mind.



You may also want to use the excellent Schumann Energy Cleaning Tool to refresh each room as needed.  This resonant energy tool is embedded with tones that contribute to a feeling of wellness.  Click on

Be well! 🙂

I updated the clearing negative energy post on the 11th of February 2020.