Chant for world peace

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chant for world peace

Chant for world peace

Welcome to the Chant for World Peace Audio Guided Meditation

I firmly believe that if a sufficient number of people will choose to participate in the Chant for World Peace we will see a significant change in world events and alter the catastrophic course of direction in which we are all heading.

There is little doubt that this planet and all that is in it was intended to be a wonderful playground for us–a place of beauty, joy and plenty. Generations of greed, hate, violence and cruelty beyond belief towards each other, the animals and vegetation have now brought us to where we are today.

I know that the future belongs to “the peace makers” those who are willing and able to take the role of caretakers as it was intended to be. If you are one of those people, here is your chance to make a difference.

Positive energy will always displace negative energy. Positive energy is energised from the Divine, negative energy survives only on the ego driven power of ignorance and error–there is no match. There is ample evidence to suggest that just a small group of dedicated people meditating and chanting can alter their immediate environment

The objective of this project is to have a minimum of 1 million people all around the world join in the chant at the regular appointed hours–that amount of focused positive energy can alter the course of events that are now speeding towards us (all of us).

Even the action of one person joining earnestly in the chant can have significant effects.

Perform the meditation chant for world peace at least once a day–preferably perform all four chants meditations.

The set times for world group chants are:

  • 8 am, (your time)
  • 12 pm (noon),
  • 4 pm,
  • 8 pm 

Performing the world peace chant at these set times will connect you mentally with other volunteers in your region and cause you to generate tremendous collective thought energy as well as attracting blessings and positive changes in your life.


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Chant for World Peace — Frequently Asked Questions

Where did this chant originate?

This is the Om Nama Shivaya chant. 

The OM sound is the universal sound for the Creator, there is no higher and more powerful sound.


Do I need to buy anything or join any groups to participate in the chant?

The chant is free to all those who wish to participate.

All the information you need is on this website. The chant is best performed alone or in the company of your loved ones.


What are the meanings of the Ah, Oo, Ma, Om, Na, Ma, Shi, Va, Ya words?

The Ah, Oo, Ma form the sound Om.

The words Na Ma Shi Va Ya are individual sounds of the words Nama Shivaya.

A detailed transliteration of the words can be found in Wikipedia. A very rough translation is “I call upon the source of all creation”. The word OM is a powerful spiritual sound universally recognised by most people believers and non believers alike.


In the chant I hear the words Base, Navel, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Head–what do these all mean, why are they there?

Each sound is closely associated with an energy centre of the body also called Chakra, and an element of the Universe.

Beginners (and many experienced people) may find it difficult or distracting to remember all the different energy centres associated with each sound.

Trying to concentrate on remembering the various energy centres may also give your ego a wonderful opportunity to disrupt the process.

By including the promptings in the chant, I have eliminated any such opportunity so that you may concentrate fully on the creative process of the chant and enjoy the wonderful feeling and experiences that the chant will generate.

I have included a brief description of each sound.

Ah – (10 seconds). Concentrate on the Root Chakra located in the base of the spine.

This is a very powerful sound and it is the principal sound associated with creation.

While chanting this sound visualise the object of your intention or your petition.

In your mind eye see the object of your desire as having already materialised.

In this case, because you are using the chant to bring about world peace :-), visualise a world filled with kind people being in harmony with each other, animals and mother nature.  Feel the happiness, the safety, the well being.

Oo – (10 seconds).  Concentrate at the Heart Chakra.

This connects you with Divine Intelligence. This may foster intuition, imagination, vivid dreams, creativity.

Ma – (5 seconds). Concentrate on the Throat Chakra.

This sound grounds you. It is a sound associated with body and earthly consciousness–it will foster rest for your system.

Om (10 seconds) Concentrate on the Third Eye, located in between the eyebrows.

While chanting the Om, visualise your request or petition leaving the body through the third eye and being sent directly to the Creator– for the tech heads it is like sending an SMS message to the Creator.

Unlike earthly SMS messages, your petition energised by the Om sound never fails to reach the recipient.

You have done your part, you can rest confidently that your “text message” has been read and acted upon–immediately.

Na (5 seconds) Concentrate on the Root Chakra located in the base of the spine.

Ma (5 seconds) Concentrate on the Navel Chakra

Shi (5 seconds) Concentrate at the Heart Chakra.

Va (5 seconds) Concentrate on the Throat Chakra. 

Ya (5 seconds) Concentrate on the Head Chakra


I don’t know how to visualise

That is because you are expecting to “see” objects or situations.

The easiest way to learn is to do this simple exercise.

Bring to mind your bedroom, remember each item in your bedroom, the bed, the wardrobe etc–congratulations you are visualising!

There are even more good news. Because other people will be chanting in your region at the same appointed times, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm).   You will benefit from the collective positive thought power generated and will receive the benefits all the same.

So if you are unable to visualise, don’t worry, simply state the intent of your chant (in this case world peace) and chant the sounds with full confidence.

I am a devout (your religious denomination) and I do not worship foreign gods or idols.

The OM sound is the universal sound for the name of the Creator.

It is a powerful sound associated with the Master of the Universe.  You are not calling on a foreign god or idol, you are chanting a sound that is associated with the very heart of creation.

This chant is not about religion at all.  It is a means to get 1 million people or more to chant together to ask the Creator to bring peace in this world.

Chanting is practised in all religions. 

Can I use this chant for other purposes?

Absolutely. Use it to bring about positive changes in your life–there are no limits.

If you believe in a loving Creator who is eager to be part of your life (and who will not interfere with your affairs unless asked), then you can use this chant for any positive purpose at all.

  • The steps are simple:
    Perform the chant–mentally call out your petition or visualise the end result whichever is easier for you
  • Do not allow your ego a voice during any part of this process. Your ego has no knowledge of a Creator and never will have. The voice of the ego is essentially a collection of memories (nasty ones)–it is noise and it is man made.
  • Try practising this chant to help other people (without telling them what you are doing) and see the results. This chant is especially powerful when used for the benefit of others.


Are there any other chants, prayer or meditations I can use at the appointed times?

The sounds of the chant are the most effective way to unify the thoughts of all participants since it has no denomination.

Unfortunately getting a group of different religious groups to harmonise together is not an easy thing to do.

The chant poses no threat to any denomination.  Please give it a try at least once.  

The state of affairs of this planet at present are such that only a powerful energised collective positive thought form (one million or more people) will have any effects in creating a change.

I updated the Chant For World Peace Meditation on the 17 June 2019.