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Change for the better

To change for the better you will need to change your perspective in life.  The fact that you have landed on this self-help site could mean that you are ready to alter your mindset.  It also tells you that you are ready to evolve further.

This is because only those who are ready to evolve further can make these changes.  It has nothing to do with how good a person you are, your IQ, or social status.

Please note that the change for the better visualization video is embedded with isochronic brain tones. Read the warnings about using brain entrainment tones.  Mental patients check with your health carer before using the visualization video. 


change for the better

A change for the better happens when people become more evolved

The evolution of human beings does not take place through the achievement of theoretical knowledge. Evolution happens only when a person experiences sufficient real life events causing that person to make a shift in consciousness.  You cannot expect a change for the better unless this process takes place.

This line from Albert Einstein says is all:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The process of evolution, of course, spans through several lifetimes, but as people become more evolved it seems to get easier and faster.  There is truth in the statement “the better it gets the better it gets“.  

Life is a school. Challenges are the absolutely essential practical lessons that we must experience from in this school in order to progress further.  Having a theoretical understanding of an issue is not of any value–until that issue becomes close and personal through direct experience.  Not only, but there must also be a clear understanding of all the underlying factors that are causing that unpleasant experience to recur.

Once again, this quote from Albert Einstein explains this point clearly

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.”


Understanding how a change for the better occurs and why

Success is the reward we get for solving these life challenges or lessons. It is the “graduation” certificate we receive for (relentlessly) having explored and applied various techniques to solve the challenge.

So-called “failures” are clear messages from life telling us that there is more we need to learn about a certain topic.

“Failures”, when correctly interpreted, spur us on to more research and study and exploration, with the reassuring knowledge that, sooner or later, we will get to solve that riddle.

How quickly we graduate from each stage of the School Of Life depends on our level of evolution and the level of evolution of our parents.

Children who are encouraged in a positive and supporting way to solve riddles and challenges, and enthusiastically rewarded for finding the “solution” to their challenges, will fare very well in the School Of Life.

Children who are scolded, reprimanded or even ridiculed for making “mistakes” end up badly. They are literally programmed for failure.  I will not energise this paragraph with my attention any further.

Most of us did not have Zen Masters as parents and many of us are paying the price for improper parenting, and consequently lagging behind in the School Of Life.


Creating a change for the better with TADA

The good news is that There Is A Way to fix this once and for all.   I created TADA with the intent that whoever uses it should experience a change for the better–and most importantly, enjoy a change for better living.

Using the Thereisaway  Alternative De-Stressing Approach (TADA) to do better in the School Of Life.

  • OBSERVE: Say “I can see that I am having difficulties with (general description of the challenge)”
  • ACCEPT: Say “I accept that I need to learn how to deal with (general description of the challenge)”
  • TRUST: Say “I do desire to learn and I know the lesson will come”


A practical example creating a change for the better

Dealing with difficulty finding the right partner

  • OBSERVE: Say “I can see that I am having difficulty attracting the right person”
  • ACCEPT: Say “I accept that I need to learn how to attract the right person”
  • TRUST: Say “I desire to love and be loved unconditionally. I know the lesson will come”

Likely outcome (there is no way of predicting how Higher Intelligence will respond to your request.

Depending on your current level of evolution, real life events will occur which will cause you to identify the undesirable qualities afflicting you which are preventing you from attracting sincere, trusting, unselfish loving people.  Naturally,

Naturally, the more evolved you are the easier will be for you to identify these faulty programs–without descending into self-judgement, guilt and other unhelpful and destructive ego related reactions.

More evolved people respond to adversities by going inward, searching for faulty programs and ego generated barriers.  Less evolve 

Less evolved people will invariably adopt a victim mentality, blame other people, offer excuses, go into guilt, shame and other unhelpful practices.  For this reason, such people attract drama in their lives like honey attract bees–we have all been there and done it at some point in our existence.

The good news is that every human being is relentlessly becoming more evolved.  It is impossible to avoid evolution; so even if you are at the lowest point of evolution today–it is only temporary.


Creating a change for the better with TADA 

  • Use TADA twice a day: Spend a few minutes each day reading and contemplating on the TADA statements. Do this first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
  • Put your mind into a state of expectation: Be alert to new opportunities, courses, books, people that will help you “learn”.


Things to avoid when using TADA

  • Avoid “forcing” anything to happen. Attempting to “force” a positive outcome will not help accelerate the outcome.
  • Avoid obsessing over the challenge. If your mind is assailed with thoughts of failure, restate TADA statement aloud or in your mind.
  • Avoid using words such as “I am confused” “I am helpless”, “I am lost”, “I am devastated” etc. Such disempowering words will slow down the process of learning.  
    • People are never “confused”: they either “know” or “don’t yet know” how to deal with a specific aspect of life.
    • Interestingly, I observe that the people who do “know” how to deal with a specific life challenge are highly unlikely to see it recur in their lives.  
    • For example, people who do not have any problems with money, seldom experience challenges with money. If such people experience a setback, they quickly recover and become even more prosperous.
    • So instead of saying “I am confused” which is a disempowering statement, simply say “I don’t yet know how to deal with … (the challenge)”.
  • Under no circumstance discuss your challenge with people who also don’t know how to deal with that specific challenge.
    • If you really must discuss the challenge with someone else, make sure you do so with someone who does know how to solve the challenge.
    • Be extra careful about this. Discuss the issue with people who have PROVEN to know how to solve it—not with people who claim to say they have that knowledge.


What to do when you experience a change for the better

  • Remember, a change for the better is not necessarily a full irresolution of the challenge.  Pay attention to subtle improvements such as a change in attitude, a more hopeful outlook, a sense of certainty that the challenge will resolve, an unexpected friendly helpful advice.
  • Continue to use TADA to solve the next challenge. Graduating from one class in the School Of Life will automatically enrol you in the next level.
  • The good part is that graduating from your first class will usually cause you to become more efficient at learning, and will increase the speed with which you complete all the subsequent classes.
  • Be in a constant state of gratitude to the Higher Intelligence who created you for giving you an opportunity to improve your life.
  • Do what you can in whatever way you can to “pay back”.

I updated this how to change for the better post on the 15 June 2019.