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Miracle Prayer

The Miracle Prayer practise times Practise the Source Healing Miracle Prayer once a day, early in the morning, or before going to bed.  Also, do consider learning the Source Healing Chant, both […]

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The Our Father Prayer The Lord’s Prayer

The Our Father Prayer the Lord’s Prayer The Our Father Prayer, also referred to as The Lord’s Prayer, is a beautiful prayer suitable for all religious beliefs.  It is still […]

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Peace for the world

Peace for the world  What We Can Do To Make A Difference for the peace for the world. A simple prayer for the world peace. As you all know, I […]

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Save The Earth Pope Francis Encyclical Letter

Save The Earth – Save Yourself – Save Humanity The save the earth video and post is a response to Pope Francis’ impassionate and sincere efforts. As a rule, I […]

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