Breathing Exercises Pranayama Deep Breath Techniques

Posted on October 12, 2016 by AlexanderBreathing Exercises Pranayama Deep Breath Techniques

Breathing Exercises  

Do you hold your breath, especially when stressed? Are you often stressed and anxious? These breathing exercises can help relax you and put life back into perspective. The breathing exercise video below will easily guide through the process of restoring your natural balance and breathing rhythm.

Stress relief techniques that work stress buster technique

Learn breathing correctly with these breathing exercises

At birth we breathe correctly, however as we grow older we “forget” the natural breathing flow and we adopt shallow breathing and holding our breath during times of stress and anxiety.

This, in turn, causes the stress levels to increase since the lack of adequate oxygen in the blood further exacerbates the destructive effects of stress on our brain and nervous system.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that high levels of stress contribute and can even directly cause panic attacks, insomnia, digestive disorders and a host of other diseases; We also know that poor breathing contributes to these conditions.

Fortunately, good breathing techniques can also help remedy the damage. The art of Hatha Yoga is one such beneficial method.


Meditation Breathing Exercises You Can Download For Free

The free breathing exercises on this website will help you learn how to breathe correctly using an easy to do isometric exercise for the stomach.  

Those practising hatha yoga and pranayama breathing will love them.  

This is because almost all of the breathing technique I use in my videos are based on the ancient art of yoga breathing and prana yoga.

The  breathing techniques you will learn may also help with the relief of stress and panic attacks.


Diaphragm breathing

(often simply called belly breathing) originates from ancient yoga breathing exercises.  There are many of these, consequently, Yoga Teachers offer variations depending on their affiliation.  

Tao Masters also offer a more complex form of belly breathing that includes meditation and visualisation.

My favourite: Hatha Yoga, teaches a huge variety of breathing techniques which include diaphragmatic breathing as well as other, more complex techniques.

My aim here is to offer my visitors easy-to-learn breathing exercises which will bring them the maximum benefits with the minimum of learning effort. 

If you are motivated and want to learn more I encourage you to learn Pranayama, Hatha Yoga or other deep breathing exercises classes conducted by a qualified teacher.  

Pranayama breathing

I am not qualified to teach Hatha Yoga and do not offer classes.  Quite frankly, I am quite happy with the results I get from these recordings and do not need more at present.

Simplified diaphragmatic breathing you can learn in seconds

You can easily and instantly enjoy tremendous benefits by simply gently pulling the belly button towards the spine.  

This gentle action engages and trains the deepest abdominal muscles. This may also have a strengthening effect on the spine.

As you may have noticed I have underlined the word “gently pulling”.  Please do not strain or force this action, doing so will not improve results.  As you become more experienced with the practice of belly breathing,  

As you become more experienced with the practice of belly breathing,  the process will become natural and spontaneous.  You will find yourself doing it at the most appropriate times without thinking about it.

Finally, I have learned that when it comes to all spiritual matters (and earthly ones) it is best to “Treat Life With One Ounce Of Pressure”.


Deep breathing exercises with Schuman Earth Frequency

To maximise the beneficial effects of this video I embedded the Schuman Frequency (The beneficial Earth Frequency) in the audio file.

The end result is a relaxing and relaxing experience which will help alleviate stress.  This may be of particular benefit to visitors looking for breathing techniques for anxiety and breathing exercises for relaxation.

I love the Schuman Earth Frequency.  It is one of my favourites and I use it extensively.  The tones are isochronic, the latest in brain entrainment technology.

Learn how to breathe correctly with Thereisaway’s Breathing Exercises Videos Updated on 21 June 2019.