how to expand your mind brain meditation

Posted on January 5, 2017 by Alexanderhow to expand your mind brain meditation

brain meditation how to expand your mind

This brain meditation will show you how to expand your mind without the need of ceremonies, incense burning, worshipping or sitting cross-legged on a bed of nails.

I believe that this version of the reboot your brain video is the closest thing possible to a super brain meditation. 

Judging by the reaction of thousands of my YouTube meditation channel subscribers, I can safely assert that everyone will benefit from this video.


how to expand your mind brain meditation

Some of the benefits that this brain meditation may give you

Just as with all other expanded consciousness meditations, I cannot guarantee any brain meditation effects or that this meditation will work for you.  Furthermore, there is very little brain meditation research to support claims of beneficial effects.

All I can do is list the intended benefits that I have programmed into this video.

  • stimulate a state of expanded consciousness
  • offer you a free, high-quality mindfulness meditation (normally very expensive to buy)
  • foster peace of mind
  • strengthen the positive mind and encourage positive thinking
  • nourish the power of the subconscious mind.
  • create effects similar to those experienced during superbrain yoga session–without the intense focus requirements
  • help unlocking the mind and increase brain power
  • raising consciousness
  • increase creativity
  • release creative imagination and creative abilities
  • and so much more

All these intended benefits do not require the use of subconscious programming, hypnosis, mind programming, brainwave entrainment or subliminal messages. 

If you experience any of the benefits I listed or some new ones, please leave a comment on the YouTube video channel and subscribe.  Simply click on the YouTube symbol and then comment on the video.

Getting constructive feedback helps me create new brain meditation videos that help increase brain power.


How this ” expand your mind meditation ” differs from the rest

The background meditation music you hear in this video is “literally” out of this world.  I explain.

Normally, I produce all the meditation music, background sounds, brainwave entrainment tones that I use in my videos and audios. On some occasions, artists help me by letting me use their music. Sometimes,  I also purchase royalty free music that fits the mood that I want to achieve.

During the production of the brain meditation, I simply could not find an appropriate background sound.  Naturally, I realized that Higher Intelligence had something in mind.  So I decided to put the project on hold and wait 🙂

A month later Dr. Mitchell and Kathy Gibson released an extraordinary sound file titled “The First Manifestation”.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson has a solid background in medical psychiatry with a keen interest in spirituality.  Over the years he has published an impressive array of books, audio and video files that have helped thousands of people in mind-body healing as well as unlocking the power of the mind.

After listening to ” The First Manifestation ” I knew that this was the background I wanted for my brain meditation.  I contacted Mitchell and Kathy and they instantly agreed to let me use the music.

Consider purchasing the original full-length recording, it only costs a few dollars, and it is certainly worthwhile.  

Additionally, do read about the origins of the audio track–the story will astonish you.


How to use the brain meditation

The guidelines for the brain meditation are the same as those found in the mind cleanse meditation

The only difference is that you will not hear any prompts from me asking you to “focus on the brain stem” or to “receiving blue-white light”. 

These prompts are essential in the spiritual version of the reboot your brain meditation and the stress release relaxation version.

The only prompt you will hear is at the beginning of the video where I ask you to “form an intention – repeat it as a mantra”.  If you are new to my meditations you can read more about the mantra.


Questions about the brain meditation – how to expand your mind

If you have any questions about the brain meditation please add them as a comment in the video.  Simply click on the YouTube badge and then create a comment.  Additionally, please consider subscribing to my YouTube meditation channel.  I promise to respond to all comments. 

Listing questions in the videos comments section helps me and other subscribers.  You can also ask questions in my Thereisaway Facebook Page.

  brain meditation how to expand your mind update 25 June 2019.