best guided meditation free for chi energy and higher consciousness

Posted on April 23, 2017 by Alexanderbest guided meditation free for chi energy and higher consciousness

Best guided meditation free for chi energy and higher consciousness

I truly believe that this is the best guided meditation free for generating life enriching chi energy.  Additionally, I firmly believe that this technology will help you achieve a higher consciousness.

Indeed, the breathing exercise at the beginning causes a flood of beneficial chi energy in your body.  Additionally, it also creates a spiritual shift which helps awaken the Higher Self.  


The Higher Self propels you forward on the path of evolution and eases you into higher consciousness fueled by the influx of chi-energy

After the breathing exercise, the guided meditation gently causes you to address the Higher Self.  

This leads you to form a powerful spiritual connection which fosters a new level of higher consciousness.  This is done by using “gentle” tapping and by focusing on certain parts of the body.


best guided meditation free for chi energy and higher consciousness

The best guided meditation free of charge opening new pathways to higher consciousness

Your Higher Self is the presence of Universal Intelligence within you, and within all that is.

It is the Creator, the Giver of life. It is the source of chi energy, miracles, prosperity, happiness and good health.

For this reason, focusing on the Higher Self will help you realise your potentiality and attract the assistance of Supernatural Powers that are little known to mankind.

All these benefits come to you naturally without having to affirm anything or making arrogant “demands” on the “Universe”.


What the teachings of the merchants of the law of attraction, chi energy, and higher consciousness do not know

There are some very unfortunate people that have been defrauded into believing that they need to force good things to come to them.  

Apparently, the idea is to summon an impersonal and mechanical “Universe” and force it to become a vending machine for their pleasure.

Of course, these fraudulent teachings are good business for the hundreds of thousands of merchants who are enriching themselves.

To make things worse, those who buy these absurdities become “students” and then progress to being merchants in their own right.  So the cycle of theft continues.

Yet no one seems to notice that the more these insane concepts prosper, the more poverty and scarcity is spreading throughout the world.

It is true that the merchants are enriching themselves by selling their fraudulent teachings.  However, have you noticed that many of them are spending their ill-gotten profits in hospital bills or legal battles?

The real tragedy is that these merchants are defrauding the masses of the most important asset humanity has.  I am referring to “hope”.

Faced with the inevitable failure of these ridiculous lies, people lose hope and harden their hearts and minds to all spiritual matters.  

People can easily recover from being robbed financially.  But when their hopes and dreams are shattered there is no recovery.  


Why this is one of the best guided meditation free to you— the origins

The chi energy technology behind this meditation comes from the sacred teachings of the TAO.

I learned these from the most wonderful book “Barefoot Doctor’s Guide To The Tao”.

If you want to learn more about the TAO consider reading Stephen Russel’s books.  Stephen presents the sacred teachings of the TAO in a most enjoyable, witty and refreshing way. 


Stephen Russel


It includes powerful techniques for achieving higher consciousness from Kabbalah

The Ancient Teachings of Kabbalah precede most religious and mystical teachings.  It is also the foundation of many religions.

Indeed, students of Kabbalah can easily detect that most of the parables and teachings in the Old Testament and particularly in the New Testament are pure Kabbalah.

This is not surprising.  It appears that the most advanced prophets and Rabbis in ancient times were Kabbalists.  Indeed, I dare say that this is still true today.


The “Simple Kabbalah” book is easy to read and understand

The programs of spiritual and physical lack and limitation imposed on the masses

Spiritual and physical poverty afflicts so many people today because of greed.  I do believe the claims that there is a powerful elite group of people that is exploiting the human race. 

Using social conditioning and the media these people have convinced the masses to accept lack and limitation as an inevitable reality.

History teaches that those in power brutally murdered any prophet who attempted to teach the secrets of Kabbalah to the masses.  

This is because Kabbalah frees the mind of fear and limitation.  As a result, no one can dominate those who achieve higher consciousness through Kabbalah.

Kabbalah teaches us that we are “vessels for the Light”.  All we really have to do is open our vessels to receive more Light.  

The Light is constantly “giving” and its nature is to give unconditionally.  Does that kind of teaching resonate with you?

So, instead of stomping and shouting arrogant demands to the “Universe” like a spoilt brat, all we really need to do is to open our vessels and let the Light come in.

Kabbalah students learn how to deal with the tyranny of the ego, and opposing energies (referred to as “The Opponent) and how to open themselves to the Light.

Imagine how splendid the world would be if all human beings knew the secrets that the ancient Kabbalist prophets wanted to impart to our ancestors.  

There would be no conflict, no lack, no limitation, no greed and no sickness.  You can see why those who want to control the human race and treat it as cattle will never allow such secrets to see the light of day.

Fortunately, I read that the destiny of the human race is to make a giant leap forward in evolution and I believe in that promise.


Chi energy is freely available to all of us

The same goes for chi energy.  This too is freely available to us all.  Yet the masses are now no longer able to receive chi energy.  Poor lifestyle, stress, poor nutrition and negative energy block the flow of chi energy.  

In turn, the blockage of chi energy causes all kinds of physical, mental and financial ailments.  This is the reason we are now witnessing the emergence of new incurable diseases and antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Practice this daily morning meditation.  Charge your life with the power of chi energy and higher consciousness

Ideally, practice this meditation at least twice a day, in the morning and before retiring at night.

You can also practice it whenever you feel run down and low on energy.  This is also the best meditation to use when dealing with serious challenges.

For those who are religious, the meditation’s script allows you to integrate it with your religious beliefs, whatever they may be.  Just think of the deity of your choice and you are there.

I know this meditation works because of my personal experiences and the many messages of gratitude I receive daily.

So try it!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


I updated the best guided meditation free for chi energy and higher consciousness on the 14 June 2019.