About There Is Away Self-Help Website

The origins of the There Is A Way Self-Help Website

I started thereisaway.org in 2008 as a natural progression of my passion for creating self-help videos using hypnosis, meditations, and other modalities.

I am a firm believer in the power of the mind and in our ability as people to solve all the challenges life serves us. I witnessed the awesome power of the mind during my Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis.

Stress relief techniques that work stress buster technique

This is the first self-help video I recorded.
Whilst the recording quality is very poor,
the energy generated by this Raja Yoga meditations is truly awesome

Self-Help and Hypnosis

During the follow-up Forensic Hypnosis Course, I was amazed at how certain subjects were able to provide information that they could not possibly know about.

In other unrelated sessions, even my tutors were surprised when subjects in deep hypnosis were able to self-diagnose about conditions they knew nothing about and provide solutions which were later confirmed by their physicians.

The course proved to me that scientists know very little about the power of the mind. Just as they are unable to explain how a 4-year-old child can compose music and then play it with mastery on the piano.

Why I am passionate about creating self-empowering and self-help tools.

Naturally the more I delved into researching and creating self-help tools and the more benefits I received.

These included unexpected meetings with awesome people, a constant flow of new ideas and a much deeper understanding of human suffering and its causes, as well as other deep personal experiences that changed the way I think and live my life.

Being a realist with my feet firmly planted on the ground I made a deliberation that if the videos and tools I produced failed to produce any positive results I would cease creating them and devote my attention to other activities.

I have been trained to believe only what can be validated. This is because there is so much deception in the spiritual realm at present.

I have no desire to convince or convert anyone. It was explained to me that those who are sufficiently evolved will instantly resonate with my statements.

I am reassured that every living being is on a path of evolution and that every one of us will reach higher and higher planes of understanding as time goes by.

So I expect to keep altering my beliefs as time goes by, just as you the reader will do in your own good time.

I am encouraged by the hundreds of thousands of people who are using by free meditations and videos and self-help tools.

I am thrilled that thousands of people start their day using my audios. It also appears that I am responsible for putting a lot of people to sleep at night :-). Many of my subscribers tell me how they are using my self-hypnosis videos as self-help for depression.

For as long as I receive such positive feedback I will continue to produce more and more self-help tools such as these.

I have no desire for recognition or admiration and have no illusions to be “better” than anyone else. I have learned that there are no superior or inferior people under the sun.

We are all expressions of Higher Intelligence all fulfilling different tasks. I consider myself to be a fellow on the path of evolution. Indeed, the more I walk this path and the more I realise about how much I do not know.

I also have no interest in “saving the world” or “saving humanity”. According to my sources, the world does not need saving, and people are all following their natural path to evolution, attempting to force them to alter that path is both illogical and nonsensical.

Having said that, I am always ready to play my part if Higher Intelligence forces me to take action :-).

I firmly believe that the future of humanity is splendid and that the Higher Intelligence that created us has a perfect plan for the future of the human race.

I believe that there is now a sufficient number of people who are capable of working together towards the benefit of the field, and who are not motivated by greed or selfish reasons. I am told that these are signs that the future ‘Super Race” is imminent.

Why my meditations and spiritual prayers are free and will always be free

self-help meditation raja joga

My first self-help meditation 🙂

Suffice it to say that I have nothing against money. I believe that money is energy and that, like all other manifestations of energy, money can be used for helpful or for unhelpful reasons. The decision of not charging for all my self-help resources and tools is not entirely mine.

How to keep informed about new self-help products, self-help affirmations, releases and articles

I like and respect my subscribers so I have decided against collecting emails, almost invariably these lists end up in the wrong ends.

So if you wish to be notified when I release a new video, hypnosis self-help session, self-help book or other products, please …

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