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How to do Reiki self-healing


The how to do Reiki Self-healing video will play in a few seconds.  The delay depends on your
internet connection.  You can download a free Reiki self healing video here :-) selfhealing.htm




Everyone can be a Reiki Healer.  The Reiki Energy is freely available to everyone and you do not have to pay thousands of dollars in order to access the free energy of Reiki.  This energy comes from your Creator who does not need middle men and ego inflated Grand Pooh-Bahs in flowing robes to "initiate" you.

Certainly, if you are able to find a true Reiki Master whose primary motivation is love and sincere service to the field, then you will be benefiting from learning from their experiences.  Some of them will charge a fee and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

The founder of Reiki was not "initiated" by anyone and never intended for Reiki to become an "industry".  Reiki was supposed to be a gift for all mankind. 

My advice is to follow your intuition.  If you are attracted to Reiki self-healing, than it means the healing energy of Reiki is inviting you to discover it.  The Reiki energy will make sure you will find the correct books and meet the right people.  If you sense greed, or self-inflated egos, stay clear.  Trust your intuition.





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Transcript of the How to do Reiki Self-healing Video


The Reiki Self healing video

Repeat after me three times
I open myself to Divine Love and Wisdom
Reiki Self-Healing
Just for today do not anger
Do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Devote yourself to your work
Be kind to all living creatures
Every morning and evening
Join your hands in prayer
Pray these words to your heart
And chant these words with your mouth
Just for today I will let go of anger
Just for today I will let go of worry
Today I will count my many blessings
Today I will do my work honestly
Today I will be kind to every living creature
Reiki Self-Healing
Back of the head
Solar Plexus
Shoulder Blades
Repeat after me three times
I seal this process with Divine Love and Wisdom



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Self Healing with Reiki