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The Miracle Healing Prayer web page

Practise the healing prayer once a day, early in the morning, or before going to bed.  Also do consider learning the Source Healing Chant, both processes are perfectly attuned with each other.


The how and why of the Miracle Healing Prayer

This video contains clips, audio recordings and additional footage from a special occasion I recorded on the 11/11/11.   I have been asked to make this video public and to distribute it widely.  Feel free to use it and distribute it for free.  This original recording embodies the intent and the collective energy of all the people who participated.  You will certainly feel these beneficial energies throughout the Miracle Healing Prayer session. 


A favoured meditation becomes a Miracle Healing Prayer

The process and the steps of the Miracle Healing Prayer come from the teachings of Kabbalah, the Tao, Reiki and  Ho'oponopono.  However,  the components that  make this guided meditation the most powerful miracle healing prayer I have ever experienced come from the recent teachings of Source Healing.

I had used this prayer/meditation for many years before learning Source Healing.  It has always been my favourite--it was simply a wonderful experience.

However, once I introduced the principles taught by Source Healing, the Miracle Healing Prayer became a true "miracle making" experience.  Events started to happen, and many so called "miraculous" changes took place.   What was once a pure spiritual experience turned into a practical spiritual experience. 






No experience necessary -- the less "spiritual" or "religious" you are, the more "miracles" you will experience.

In a nutshell, Source Healing does away with the concepts of spiritualism and "divinity".  The bowing down to people and images and the worshipping of "gods" is replaced by the understanding that all human beings are the result of the "real" actions of a Higher Intelligence that "literally" created us in its own image. 

That is, every human being has within them the DNA of the Higher Intelligence that created them.  We also know that all human beings are engineered for success; all endowed with extraordinary brains, amazingly intelligent bodies, and extrasensory abilities such as intuition and telepathy.

We also know that human beings are all at different levels of evolution.  Those who are less evolved behave differently from those who are more evolved--all of them, however, are equal in potential.

The more evolved human beings become, the less likely they are to be "religious" or "spiritual".  This is because more evolved human beings become inherently aware of their inner power, and do not need to rely on "external deities" for favours.  Indeed, they find the concept of begging for mercy and grovelling before a "God" absurd and nonsensical. 

Interestingly, such people often call themselves "atheists" because they cannot possibly accept the existence of a neurotic "God" that insists upon blood sacrifices, begging and grovelling, and who displays psychotic and vindictive human qualities.

Consequently, those who are not at all "religious" or "spiritual" are likely to experience far more powerful results than their pious counterparts.  So those who have "less" will receive "more" and those who have "a lot" will not get very much :-)


The principle of unconditional love and acceptance, and the need for connection

Source Healing also teaches that ALL human beings need to make a daily connection with the Higher Intelligence that created them.  Our bodies need it, and our minds need it.  I emphasize the word NEED. 

It is important to realize that this is not just a "spiritual" requirement.  It is primarily a physical requirement.  Compare it with the need of a space ship to dock with the mother ship in order to recharge its power source.    

In order for this connection to take place, all we need to do is to focus our attention on our heart region and then place ourselves in a state of receptivity. 

When you do this, you must behold the following ...

  1. You are the creation of a Higher Intelligence who wired you, and all other human beings for perfection.

  2. You are no better, nor less worthy than any other human being.  Each human being has been created with a definite purpose in mind, and that purpose is unique. 

    There is no other person on this planet like you, and there will never be another like you.  Whether your life so far has been one of a saint,  or a scoundrel, you are a worthy human becoming.  It is a known and accepted fact that as you evolve further, you are likely to become less prone to fear.  Selfishness, greed, aggression, violence and stress are all by-products of fear.  Indeed, all the "evils" of this world stem from fear. 

  3. You are an evolving, intelligent being, and you are here on earth for the purpose of evolution.  Evolution calls for experiences, and each experience propels you to further evolution.  This is a continuous process.  The concept of "guilt" and "self-judgement" or "judging of others" is therefore nonsensical.   Labelling yourself as "bad, evil or useless" is unproductive and also untrue.  

    The healthy response to guilt is to "accept all responsibility" for our blunders--AND then to use the Miracle Healing Prayer to obtain the energy necessary to alter our pathway of destruction.  Blaming others for our mishaps, and indulging in hate, revenge and other negative energies will act as poisons in our physical and emotional system--precluding us from growth.  

    It matters not how "bad" you think you are, or have been.  The moment you accept responsibility for your past actions and use the Miracle Healing Prayer to improve your life, you will receive the energy and solutions you need to lead a purposeful and happy life.


Though no one can go back
and make a brand new start, 
anyone can start from now 
and make a brand new ending. 

~ Carl Bard

Preparing for the Healing Prayer

When you prepare for the Healing Miracle Prayer do know that Higher Intelligence is constantly sending out energetic pulses--compare them to the sun's rays. 

Higher Intelligence does not discriminate in any way shape or form as to who will receive these pulses--just like the sun's rays that warm "saints" and "sinners" alike--all you have to do is to open the window, and the sun's rays will flood the room.  

Similarly, all you have to is to open your mind, and then enter into a state of "effortless effort".  The audiovisuals of the Healing Miracle Prayer will greatly assist you in doing so.

There is no need for "rituals" of any kind.  Remember that we are moving away from the "worshipping" state and moving towards the "state of receptivity" or "allowance" if you will.  

We approach each session with the understanding that, the moment we begin tuning into the frequency of Higher Intelligence we instantly receive the energy.   The video is designed to help you reach that frequency easily.

The only recommendation I will make about preparing for the Miracle Healing Prayer is to make sure that you will not be disturbed. 

Also, do know that this kind of process does not mix AT ALL with alcohol or drugs.  Attempting this session while intoxicated will have no beneficial effect whatsoever. 


During and after the Miracle Healing Prayer session

Remember that the purpose of the Miracle Healing Prayer is to cause you to "tune into" the frequency of Higher Intelligence.  It is not really a prayer as such.  I decided to use the words "Miracle Healing Prayer" because they are likely to appeal to people in need of help. 

Actively look for subtle signs, emotions and feelings that will take place during the Healing Miracle Prayer;  acknowledge them all as they happen.  The more "cool" you can be about them, the more you are likely to experience them. 

However, if you over react and become "holy" or intoxicated with these sensations, they are likely to disappear and become even more subtle. 

Your ego, logical mind, or dark energy (whatever you want to call it) is likely to have a fit when you first start the Miracle Healing Prayers. Do expect a lot of chatter.  Acknowledge the chatter and then return to the audio.  Focus on what I am asking you to do, and I promise you in no time, the chatter will dissipate.  Do not become distressed if the chatter is nasty and seems to carry a lot of negative energy.  This is normal.  Acknowledge it and then return your attention to my prompts.

The session has been designed to help you reduce ego chatter and many people tell me that they have little problem with it.

Do not WILL anything to happen.  Remember you are docking your little space ship to the Mother Ship.  Simply receive the energy.  Once you have refilled with energy, the miracles will happen by themselves.   The cause of all illness, lack and limitation is the depletion of energy.  Fear can only infiltrate minds that are depleted of energy.   Right now hundreds of thousands of people are using the Miracle Healing Prayer Meditation to counteract the weakening and damaging energies that surround them.  Because of their daily efforts they are able to thrive in seemingly impossible environments.

Thousands of people have told me that during these sessions they felt a profound sense of "love".   I too have felt this sensation.  I believe that, what we are really feeling is "unconditional acceptance"--the kind of feeling that we sense when we are with special friends or significant ones. 

Indeed I have often wondered if "love" is really another expression for "acceptance".   That is, when we feel accepted by another we feel good about ourselves, and that feeling is described as "love." 

Maybe this is the reason why it is so easy to love our dogs or pets and more difficult to love people.  I am not going to delve into this topic--it really does not matter.  If it feels good and harms no one, it is a good thing--call it what you like.

After the session is over, allow for a few minutes total silence.  Allow your intuition to guide you as to when to resume your activities.  Do not fall into the temptation of wasting the rest of the day looking at your navel with a stunned mullet look on your face.  That is purely an ego reaction and is not at all beneficial.

Remember this is not a "holy" experience.  This is merely a "recharging" experience.  If you start visualizing yourself wearing flowing robes and blessing the multitudes, you have totally lost the plot.  Make sure to stomp on any such reactions.  Those of you who are "spiritual" and in need of worshipping, may have a hard time stopping yourselves from becoming "High Priestesses" or "Gurus".  However it is vital for your progress to make sure that you reject these ego prompts.


Helping others using the Miracle Healing Prayer session

It is possible and highly desirable to use the Miracle Healing Prayer to help other people.  Simply think of the person you wish to help.  During the "Prayer" component, ask for that person to be helped.  Do not beg or grovel--and also do not tell Higher Intelligence what should be done.  Doing so is a total waste of time and will preclude you from getting good results. 

Remember, that this kind of healing is conducted anonymously and free of charge.  This is the only condition that I impose.  You must not announce to the world how you carried out a miraculous healing -- or worse still, send an invoice for services rendered.  :-)   If you follow my advice you will experience amazing results.

If you have any questions about the process, write them in the blog and I will answer them as soon as possible.   Please be patient, since this meditation was published on iTunes and YouTube there have been over 200,000 downloads and the rate is increasing.  This page, the blog and the tweets are my attempts at getting answers to you in the most efficient way possible.



My most sincere and profound thanks go to Sara Potenza who wrote the track "In Your Arms" and generously allowed me to use it in this production.  Sara is a talented musician and a most generous human being.   Her music is a source of great joy to me.  If you loved the track "In Your Arms" you will absolutely relish her CDs.  Purchase one of her CDs you will greatly benefit from listening to her music.  













The Miracle Healing Prayer 




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