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Please read this before joining any of the There Is A Way forums.

Please ...

Why a Message Board?  I believe that this site will attract a special type of people.  The ancients referred to them as "the meek" and "the peace makers".  Kabbalah speaks about them as the Vessels of the Light, people who able and willing to receive the Light more readily and with less obstruction from their egos.

We also know that the meek and the peacemakers of this world are currently having a hell of a time (Life of Brian) :-).

Young and old, those who are of gentle spirit are often thought as weak, passive, powerless.  They are bullied and ridiculed and abused by their more aggressive peers.  Bullying and aggression in all facets of society is rampant and many good people's lives, both young and old, are ending tragically because of this.

I am here to tell you that if you are "meek" or a "peacemaker" you actually have the full ear of Higher Intelligence--that is, you are a true Superpower.   That, by your very nature, you are demonstrating to be a more evolved being.  It has also been made clear to me that the Super Race will comprise of such people. 

I know that up until now you have believed yourself to be powerless--right now you may be thinking that the world is being driven to destruction by greed and its followers and that you are powerless to do anything about it--right?  This is definitely not so.  

It is time for the "meek" and the "peacemakers" to start using their powers to bring about a positive and long lasting change. 

In order to help prevent ego issues from contaminating the purpose of this website, it will not be possible for me to receive or reply to calls or private E-mail and messages about the contents of this site.  Please use the blog to ask questions about any of the resources provided on this site.

If you are not yet familiar with the meditation and the "cleaning process" please visit the dedicated Ho'oponopono page and practise.  If nothing else, please consider participating in the Source Healing Chant.  It will produce tremendous beneficial effects in your life and in your immediate environment.  It is without any doubt the most powerful chant that I have ever produced.

All posts and answers to post will appear in the box below.  If you wish to be notified when I publish a new post, release new resources... and receive the occasional gem :-) please follow my tweets
















How to make your very own vision board - play it on your PC, Ipod or TV Screen!

  How to make your own vision board







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