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Meditations You are about to discover free powerful tools that have the potential of enriching your life and freeing you from the bondage of fear, depression, poverty and mediocrity.

The technology behind these tools has its origins in the teachings of Kabbalah, the Bible (the Old and New Testament), mystics and Tamil spiritual masters. 

They also incorporate valid and proven techniques of EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and the phenomenal Ho'oponopono atonement process originally developed and practised by M. Simeona. 

As with all great truths, these meditation tools are simple to use and easy to learn. It will take you only a few minutes to master them--and you will be able to use them all day long without interfering with your normal activities. 

You are free to download, use and reproduce any of these meditations under the following conditions:
  • You will not resell or use the meditations for any commercial purpose or any other personal profit agenda.
  • You will not disassemble or alter the meditations in any way.
  • You will not force these meditations onto other people.






Download free videos

All the videos listed on this webpage can be downloaded for free for personal use and for non-commercial use only.  To download the video click on the download symbol situated under the title of the video.  A new page will open, click on the "download" button,  and then select the type of download that suits you best.  If in doubt, choose the MP4 version.  This video format will play on all PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Galaxy and other smart phones.  Selecting the "original file" option, will result in a larger download size and longer download times.



Attracting Wealth and Abundance

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How to attract abundance - The Abundance Creed

Recite the Abundance Creed at least twice a day, read it aloud and contemplate on each line when you awake and just before you go to sleep.

If you are experiencing challenges in your life use this powerful Creed to help you recover from the destructive energies of fear, guilt, resentment and anger.

You do not have to "believe" in the power of this process in order for it to work miracles in your life.

It is also important that you do not attempt to "force" any good thing to happen. Please do not attempt to "visualize" anything, simply bask in the feelings that the Creed will produce.

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Breathing Exercise for relaxation and to help prevent panic attacks.   With Schumann Earth Frequency! 

Do you find yourself holding your breath? Do you suffer from stress. This breathing exercise is based on the ancient practise of Hatha Yoga.

It is an isometric exercise for the stomach, and may also help with the relief of stress and panic attacks. Pulling the belly button towards the spine engages and retrains the deepest abdominal muscles. This also has a strengthening effect on the spine. At the office and at home, take a 3 minute breather when you start to feel the negative effects of stress.

The video has been encoded with the Schumann Earth Frequency Resonance for added benefits.


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Free Combined EFT and Ho'oponopono Self-Cleaning Meditation This free audio guided meditation helps you to acknowledge and harmonize with all aspects of your being.  You address the Divine in you, your Higher-Self, the Mind and the memories that cause havoc in your life. 

This is a wonderful meditation especially beneficial when you feel scattered.  I recommend you practise this meditation at least once a day, preferably before going to sleep. 

In this meditation you can use the EFT tapping points.  You will hear "starting on the side of the hand" at the beginning of the meditation.  I will then prompt you to start at the "eyebrow" tapping point.  I have also added periodic reminders just in case you get lost :-). 

You will also use the Ho'oponopono mantra.  If you do not know what that is read the Ho'oponopono dedicated page and then download the meditation.



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Confidence and Self Esteem Guided Meditation with EFT and Ho'oponopono: This meditation deals with programs and memories causing low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. It will help you realise that everyone here on earth is equally worthy of love and respect. Simply listen to the audio and answer the questions the best you can.

We will guide you through a powerful combined session of EFT and Ho'oponopono to help you erase the false memories and programs from your consciousness.

This audio includes binaural technology. Please check with your health professional before listening. 

For best results use headphones.  Visit for more information about this free video confidence building guided meditation and to view the larger screen version of the confidence and self esteem meditation.





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Hatha Yoga Breathing with whale songs:

Do you hold your breath, especially when stressed? Are you often stressed and anxious? This breathing exercise video can help relax you and put life back into perspective.  The breathing exercise video will easily guide through the process of restoring your natural balance and breathing rhythm.  

At birth we breathe correctly, however as we grow older we "forget" the natural breathing flow and we adopt shallow breathing and holding our breath during times of stress and anxiety.  This in turn causes the stress levels to increase since lack of adequate oxygen in the blood further exacerbates the destructive effects of stress on our brain and nervous system.

Panic attacks, insomnia, digestive disorders and a host of other diseases are induced by stress and poor breathing contributes to these conditions.  Fortunately good breathing techniques can also help remedy the damage.  The art of Hatha Yoga is one such beneficial method.




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Free Ho'oponopono Cleaning Meditation This is one mantra that you will be using for the rest of your life--and with powerful and tangible results.  The principles behind the Ho'oponopono cleaning meditation are also found in the teachings of Kabbalah and also openly taught by Jesus in the Gospel.  This is without any doubt one of the most powerful spiritual technologies available today.   

I have witnessed first hand the power of using the Ho'oponopono Mantra "I am sorry, Please forgive me, I Love you, Thank you" and I feel that this technology is truly a gift from God, and that it should be made available to everyone--free of commercial interests and other agendas.  Meanwhile,  If you wish to know more about Ho'oponopono you can obtain a free Ho'oponopono manual

Please note that I have no affiliation, connection with or knowledge about the Morrnah Simeona's website or its owners.  I am listing this Ho'oponopono site because it provides a free manual from the founder of Ho'oponopono.

Follow your intuition when dealing with providers of spiritual and self-help material.  Some of them are crocodiles waiting in murky waters,  others are sincere people from the Light.  Your intuition will tell you who is who.



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Combined EFT & Ho'oponopono: the way to eliminate fear stress and uncertainty!

EFT is very powerful and Ho'oponopono is very powerful. The two technologies combined create an awesome vortex that takes you straight into the arms of the Creator.

Here you will find answers to all your problems and the reassurance that you are loved and cared for. This meditation is designed for people who are experiencing fear and uncertainty and anyone else who would like to discover unconditional love.

EFT and Ho'oponopono Meditation: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) developed by Gary Craig is a proven and powerful practice for cleaning negative memories .  I have personally witnessed the power of EFT and thoroughly recommend it.  There are plenty of free tools available--but I do recommend you purchase the course from the EFT website--it is definitely money well spent. 

I am working on a series of combined Ho'oponopono and EFT guided practice audio/video.

This first EFT and Ho'oponopono Meditation helps you eliminate fear and uncertainty from your life.  Download it for free and share it with your friends.  Why not set a tiny link on your website to  It will earn you good Karma.



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Meditation awaken the Higher Self -  Miracle meditation, connecting with the Higher Self

This meditation will help awaken your Higher Self. Your Higher Self, is the presence of the Universal Intelligence within you, and within all that is.   It is the Creator, the Giver of life. It is the source of miracles, prosperity, happiness and good health.

Focusing on the Higher Self will realise your potentiality and afford you the assistance of Supernatural Powers that are little known to mankind. 

Practise this meditation at least twice a day, morning and before retiring at night.  You can also practise it whenever you need to center.

You can integrate the Miracle Meditation with any religious belief, or with affirmations and chants.



Healing miracle prayer: self-healing meditation from NetGems on Vimeo.

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Miracle Healing Prayer -  Align with Higher Intelligence within you

This video contain clips and audio from a recent Live Source Blessing and additional footage that I recorded last night.

It does not matter what you choose to call your Creator. It does not even matter if you believe that you are the result of an explosion. Merely follow the prompts, open your heart and Higher Intelligence within you will do the rest.

I am told that this Source Prayer Meditation will cause many miracles of self-healing and help people regain power over their lives. I have been asked to make this video public and to distribute it widely. Feel free to use it and distribute it for free. Do not offer this video for sale or use it for commercial purposes. Do not disassemble this video or any of its components. Thank you. I wish you a miraculous day! :-) Alex






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Problem Solving with EFT and Ho'oponopono Guided Meditation

This guided meditation uses EFT and Ho'oponopono spiritual technology to deal with all your problems no matter what they may be.

All the great Spiritual Masters tell us that our problems and challenges are nothing but reminders that we need to urgently deal with certain aspects of our behaviour or thinking.

There are also those who tell us that problems, catastrophes, illnesses and loss are the result of karmic debts incurred because of our present or past actions and thoughts, or the actions and thoughts of our ancestors before us.

The Gospel and other scriptures reveal that our Creator will swiftly delete these karmic debts and will erase all negative effects if we ask, in sincere prayer, for this intervention.

In order to achieve this we must go before our Heavenly Father with the mindset of a child--one who is seeking comfort and protection.

This prayer meditation is especially powerful for those of us who grew up with inadequate parents who did not know how to give or receive love.

Whether your problem is of a financial nature, health related, drugs or alcohol abuse or behavioural, your Creator is perfectly able and willing to help you. 

In this meditation you will learn that you were created perfect, a "magnificent spiritual being" a "splendid being of light".  However, circumstances beyond your control caused you to forget your birthright.  This meditation is the tool you need to reconnect with the Light of God and change your life.

However, in order to get the full benefit of this meditation, you must be prepared to go before your Creator with a mind free of opinions, blame or criticism against yourself or other people.

Only then will the Light of God be able to do its work unhindered--and miracles can take place in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

If you know someone who is in deep trouble--not matter how bad it may seem, give them a copy of this video or audio file.  If you cannot do so, use this meditation on their behalf.



Reboot Your Brain Level 1 : Stress Release from NetGems on Vimeo.

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Reboot Your Brain - Level 1

This has to be one of the most powerful stress release and depression buster videos I have produced!  The brain is the body's organ responsible for physical manifestation, such as excessive stress, negative thinking, negative self-talk, exaggeration, victim mentality, fear, depression

We take great care of all the body's organs.  Remarkably, we neglect the very organ that is responsible for dealing with our emotions, feelings and thoughts--the building blocks of our life as we know it.

This free self-healing audio and video includes powerful technologies such as EFT, Qi-Gong, Binaural entrainment sound technology, and the amazingly simple Brain Wave Vibration as discussed in the book
 Brain Wave Vibration, by IIchi Lee. For more details visit our sister site



Reboot your brain level 2: stress release from NetGems on Vimeo.

Free video download

Reboot Your Brain - Level 2

Could this simple, free technique be the natural antidepressant the world has been looking for? 

Our bodies and minds were created perfect.  The human body is, without doubt, the most technically advanced self-sustaining machine. 

The human body also comes with its own highly sophisticated repair mechanism. 

Indeed, no doctor or healer has ever healed the human body. 

They can only facilitate the healing process by stimulating certain automatic functions of the body by creating chemical reactions, removing damaged parts and setting bones so that they may heal correctly.  For more details visit our sister site


Reboot your brain level 3

self-healing meditation brain wvave

from NetGems on Vimeo.

Free video download

Reboot Your Brain - Level 3

Reprogram your brain and use the full power of your mind!

Level 3 of the Reboot Your Brain can help you reprogram your brain so that your life may be filled with joy, abundance and gratitude. 

Whether you are looking for
financial abundance, physical improvements, emotional stability, spiritual advancement, stronger connection to your current faith (whatever that may be), or to become a more efficient agnostic, you are in for a real treat!

I also promise you that, unless you are already familiar with
Dr. Gibson's work, you will have NEVER been exposed to the sound vibrations that you are about to experience.  For more details visit our sister site



energytapdance2-Desktop from NetGems on Vimeo.

Free video download

Reboot Your Brain - Energy Tap Dance

How to get energy and deal with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

All of the Reboot Your Brain recordings will help you shake off depression, pessimism and negative self-talk.  The combined technologies used in these products create a vortex of energy that, if persistently practised, will shift even the most stubborn of negative patterns in your life.

The Energy Tap Dance includes several extra elements that are designed with the specific intent of getting you moving, revitalising your mind and your body, and getting the energy flowing.

For more details visit our sister site



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Reiki Self Healing Meditation

Reiki Self-Healing

This simple meditation exercise can help bring order where there is chaos, and restore your body and mind to harmony.

If you are new to Reiki, this meditation will provide you with a "taste" of the good things that are yet to come.

Ardent faithful or atheist, young or seasoned, rich or poor, coloured or plain white, saintly or sinner--no matter who you are or what you think you are, you will all take great benefit from performing this self-healing meditation.

So what are you waiting for?  Try it now.



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Download the audio

Relaxation and Positive Thinking Meditation:  Sit back relax and join us in a series of powerful and life changing positive affirmations.

This free video meditation includes binaural beats and hypnotic relaxation technology. For optimum effect use headphones.

Consult your medical practitioner or mental health specialist before listening.  People with epilepsy or mental health challenges do not use this meditation without medical approval.


 The life of Joe - How to be happy and beat depression

Are you looking for a simple formula to achieve happiness and prevent depression in your life?  This cartoon series has all the answers.  Follow the life of Joe as he deal with the challenges of a life that seems to keeps going wrong.   Watch all the episodes, and most importantly watch Episode 5.  In this episode Joe gets some very important answers on how to be happy and achieve his goals and put an end to his depressive thoughts.  :-)



The Lord's Prayer Decoded: Affirmations for modern times from NetGems on Vimeo.

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The Lord's Prayer Decoded - Mystical Affirmations for modern living

Embedded within the beautiful words of this precious prayer is an encoded message.

If you recite this prayer with an understanding heart of its intended meaning, you will become enlightened, and your life will improve.

This is a complete and fundamentally all encompassing affirmation for all "New Agers" young and seasoned.

If you enjoy the Lord's Prayer as much as I do you may find the original Aramaic version awe inspiring.  You can also hear the pronunciation of the original Aramaic Lord's Prayer.

Free video download

Save The Earth - Excerpts of Pope Francis' Letter 

This video contains excerpts of Pope Francis' letter about climate change, global warming and the causes for unrest on planet earth.  You can view the full video on the dedicated page to climate change and global warming.

Free video download

The Source Call - Self healing with Pure Light Energy

The ancients have left us precise directives on how to receive Light Energy and the consequences of not doing so.  Pagan, spiritual and religious scholars (and more recently scientists) all agree that there is a Life Giving Energy that pervades creation.  This energy has many names "Holy Spirit, Chi or Qi, Prana" and many more.  

Practice the Source Call at least once a day to receive Pure Light Energy.  If you are experiencing challenges, practice the Source Call whenever you feel overwhelmed by your emotions.

The best part of the Source Call is that you cannot "do anything wrong".  If you can sit with your spine erect (or lie down if this is not possible), place your hands on your lap and call out the sound "HA" aloud or in your mind, you have all that it takes to get the benefits of this technology.


Source Healing Chant from NetGems on Vimeo.

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The Source Healing Chant

This little chant will uplift you, enchant you, energize you and cause you to align with the Creator. My Guides gave it to me recently and urged me to distribute it as widely as possible.

This chant has already produced many miracles in my life. I know it will do the same with yours.

Enjoy this chant at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm (your time zone).  Sit upright, cup your hands, if possible remove your shoes and socks.   Pay close attention to physical sensations, shifts in consciousness and other subtle beneficial effects--they happen "live" with every chant.  

You may also hum the chant in your mind if you are experiencing challenges during your daily activities. 

I encourage you to make this chant a daily experience.

Vision Board Superpower US Version from NetGems on Vimeo.

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Super Power Vision Board

Vision Board Superpower US Version

Vision Board Superpower is a powerful gift that will manifest miracles in your life. It comes to you at the exact same cost that it came to me--free.

The concept of vision boards, affirmations, goals, and visualization is not new.

What I believe makes this Vision Board a Superpower is the fact that it addresses our Creator--the Maker of all that exists and of all the laws that govern the Universe.


Free video download


Super Power Vision Board

Vision Board Superpower Australian Version

This is the Australian Version of the Vision Board Superpower it contains Australian currency images.




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