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What is happiness

Happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved only when people are able to be "at peace" with themselves, others and the field. So for as long as a person is able to harbor thoughts of judgment and criticism towards self and others they cannot possibly be happy or sustain the state of happiness. We already know that money, fitness, and positive emotional experiences are not sufficient to create a sustained state of happiness. There are plenty of good looking, fit, rich and adored people who are totally miserable. So that is not it!





How to be happy tips

I created the The Life of Joe to help deliver simple tips about cultivating contentment and the state of happiness. In these videos the main character "Joe" acts as a mirror for the many life experiences felt by millions of people all around the world. I know that you are likely to find at least one story that relates directly to something you experienced in the pursuit of happiness. You are also likely to recognize aspects of this story in the lives of your friends and loved ones. So instead of offering a guide to contentment I rather let Joe and the characters that support him show you how a state of happiness can be achieved easily and without having to pay fees to gurus and teachers.









The Life of Joe - A pursuit of happiness and contentment

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Episode 1 - Meet Joe

In this episode we meet Joe and we learn about his plans about pursuing bliss and contentment.


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Episode 2- Joe goes to a how to be happy seminar.

Joe meets his contentment and happiness teacher and learns some new tips





Episode 3 - The third day of the how to find happiness course


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Episode 4 - Joe's reflections


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Episode 5 - The search for happiness ends

Joe's life takes a turn is it for the better or for worse? This could be the beginning of a new way to find contentment and happiness--or may be not!







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