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How to develop your intuition using Source Talk








How to develop your intuition learning Source Talk

Looking for signs

"Why am I not getting any answers from Higher Intelligence?"

I receive a ton of mail from students of the Source Healing Course and subscribers asking the same question over and over again. So I have decided to compile all the answers into one note.

I have created this short video that will help you realize what a wonderful communication gift you already have in the form of your mind and intuitive self.

The Creator is ALWAYS answering you.







Using your intuitive self to communicate with Higher Intelligence

Higher Intelligence is always answering you.  In fact the Creator is constantly communicating with you.  Not with words but with subtle symbols, feelings and sometimes with not so subtle events and people.  However, for a large part, Higher Intelligence is whispering the answers.

On the other hand, the ego (and Hairy Legs who uses the ego to torment you J) is very loud-- extremely loud in fact. 

Hairy is also skilled at using all your emotional baggage to make even more noise, which literally obliterates the whispers from the Light.

As a Sourceling, you are training to focus your attention on Higher Intelligence; tuning your mind in the same way you would tune a sensitive radio to a far distant signal. 

This is the reason why I am constantly haranguing you all to spend time contemplating and using the free tools and audio downloads.  I do that because it is during these times that you are likely to “hear” Higher Intelligence.   

Additionally, when you use the tools you are also “training” your mind to tune to the Light “automatically”,  so that in due course, you will no longer need to “focus” to fine tune to the messages from the Light.  It will happen automatically.  

There are two ways you can achieve this. 

1.   Live in a cave or in the desert without any human contact for a few years. 

2.   Allocate time to contemplation tools every day and practice, practice, practice using your intuition. 

You choose :-)







The easiest way to “hear” Higher Intelligence

The tool I am about to give you is so simple and so easy and so “under your nose”.  Your ego will try to dismiss it as nonsense.  I strongly urge you to resist this sabotage because if you master it, it will bring you immense power in your every day life.

I call it “Source Talk”

My Guides made me realize a long, long time ago about the different feelings I felt in my body whenever I was with different people or while doing different tasks.

With some people I felt warm and open and relaxed.  With others I felt guarded, nervous, uneasy. 

When I was doing certain tasks that were positive and empowering I felt like my body was humming.

Yet when I even contemplated undertaking other actions I felt nervous, anxious, irritated or just plain “lazy”.  I would often instinctively say “my heart is not in it”.

This was well before my encounter (that I knew of anyway) with my Teachers.

So when I started to train with my Teachers, they caused me to recall every catastrophic decision I made (quite a lot of them) and every good decision I made (there were not many of those). 

Each time I was reminded of how my body felt.

The same exercise went for the people I met whom I considered to be “friends”.  Yet inexplicably, my body was reacting adversely towards them.   Of course, at that time, I ignored these body feelings (my software was well below Windows 95 then).

In those days I was also reading a lot of very nasty psychology books explaining that my body’s reaction to these people were caused by my improper childhood programming.   And of course I bought all that trash without even thinking about it.

I later learned that Higher Intelligence was communicating with me using my body because that was the most intimate and the most unmistakable and easy to detect method.

Ever since, I have developed and keenly studied this method of communication.  I am extremely attuned to my body sensations and indeed to the sensations of other people.

I can easily and instantly focus on a person and “sense” what their body is feeling.  I later realized that I was already able to do this even when I was a small child.

So how does this “Source Talk” work and how can you use it in your every day life?

As a Sourceling you are already able to do this.  If you were not, I would not be writing this note.  Instead, I would include it in one of the more senior lessons.

All Sourcelings, new and senior, can use this Source Talk and, if you use it every day, you will get very good at it and eventually it will become second nature.

Source Talk is very simple.  Please do not allow your ego to complicate it.  He will try to do that to sabotage your experience.

Simply become aware of how you are feeling!

Ask your question, or hold in mind your intention and then quietly notice how your body feels.

If you sense a “tightening” or an “unease” in any part of your body the answer is “No” or “Not yet”.

If you sense a humming or a flowing feeling than it’s a “Yes”.

Confusion, uncertainty, and all those other weakening feelings are not a “Maybe”.  They are still a very loud “No” or “Not Yet”.

If a person comes at you smiling and professing immense love and loyalty and your ego responds with great joy,  BUT your body is responding with an uneasy feeling or a strange sensation that you cannot decipher—then the Light is warning you that this person is not what they appear to be.



Paying attention to your intuition can avert catastrophes.

During the Tsunami event that killed thousands of people, a young man recalls how his body reacted violently when his father invited him to go to the beach.  The reaction was so strong that he was even rude to his father (and felt guilty afterwards).

That sudden feeling of nausea saved his life.  The entire family perished on the beach.

After so many years of using Source Talk, I have also discovered other forms of communication that Higher Intelligence uses.  I will discuss these in a later note.

But for now, begin to pay attention to your body and how it reacts to various situations. 

A common one with me lately is when all of a sudden my face will feel little pin pricks or I will experience a sensation in my solar plexus.  Instantly I realize that the Creator is warning me that my vibrations have dropped dramatically, or that a loved one is experiencing difficulties and needs my help.

The moment I become aware of that, and I attend to that task, instantly the feelings disappear.  If I ignore them (and I never do) they will persist.

I can speak with authority on Source Talk because it has been part of my life for many years, and more so in the last five years.

It has never failed me and it is the only reliable form of communication I know.

So practice Source Talk every day and in everything you do.  Pay attention to your body and you will get to know a little more of your Creator.


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