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De-stressing Techniques That Work






De-stressing everyone needs it

There are hundreds of millions of books, stress reduction techniques and medication for stress being dispensed daily.

You would think that the millions invested in stress research and on stress coping strategies would produce a blissed-out human race by now, would you not?

Yet, every day, I am receiving mail from people who are desperate to achieve a stress-free life, or at least manage the overwhelming destructive power of stress in their lives.

I can also see the signs of stress on people's faces. More and more people are walking about like ticking bombs ready to explode at the slightest provocation.

I am not a psychologist, and I have no clue about how the mind works. Judging by the results of the current stress-relieving strategies, I have no desire to invest my time in learning more about psychology, psychiatry and drug based solutions.

I am interested in De-stressing alternative solutions that do not require drugs, and that empower people-Natural Ways to De Stress that is.

How the The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach (TADA) was born

Over the years I have developed several stress management relaxation techniques that involve the use of videos and audios.

Judging by the millions of downloads and the feedback I receive every day these videos and audios promoting Healthy Ways to De Stress and to find inner peace are helpful.

However, I have always felt that there "must be more" to dealing with stress than listening to audios and pleasant voices. I set out to discover natural ways to De-stress--a practical, easy to use system that offered ways How to De Stress at Work for example.

My goal was to find healthy ways to De-stress for my own use and my loved ones and to offer these freely at

Furthermore I wanted the system to work without the need of listening to audio visuals.

After all, when a stress-inducing event takes place it is not possible for you to put it on hold in order to listen to an audio file or chant "OM", right?

As always, when a desire forms in my mind I get answers and resources. The fact that I am willing to share the results freely also seems to help speed things up a little.

I have "tested" the Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Technique with many people over the last 12 months. More importantly, I have personally adopted it as my own coping mechanism for dealing with challenges that now and then pop up in my everyday life.

The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach (TADA) - INTRODUCTION

Let me start by stating that stress is not a bad thing. Being challenged is a good thing provided you can manage it.

Stress is the energy that keeps human beings functioning. Without it we would all be smiling blobs staring aimlessly at the universe, achieving nothing, aiming for nothing and basically being totally useless.

The stress I am referring to is the toxic stress--the destructive energy that takes all your power away.
The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach (TADA) - HOW TO USE IT

As with all my other work, this technique is very simple. Furthermore, it works--and not only does it work, it keeps working and getting better.

I have no interest in debating the TADA technique or defending it in any way.
If you believe it can work for you--well and good. If you do not, that is fine with me also.

As with all my other work, please make sure to consult your mental health carer before using the TADA system.





The principles behind the The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach

TADA includes:

1. Observation

2. Unconditional Acceptance

3. Trust

TADA works even if you are only able to muster 1 of the elements of OUT. As you use it, you will find your ability to manage stress will increase. With that will also come the ability to use all the elements.

How to Destress using the Thereisaway Alternative De-stressing Approach

I will give a brief explanation of the TADA system.

I know that people love complicating things. However, I am asking you to please not over think the TADA technique. Its power lies in its simplicity.

Find below a brief explanation of the elements of The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach.


The moment you become aware that you are experiencing an uncomfortable level of stress instantly go into "Observation" mode.

Compare the observation mode to watching a TV show. Step aside from the situation and see it as an observer. Imagine jumping out of your body and observing the event as an invisible bystander.

Simply state in your mind (or aloud if alone) "I can see that I am being overcome by stress"

" Pay attention to how you are reacting, how you are behaving, how you are feeling. In simple words observe what you are doing, saying, thinking, and feeling.
" If other people are involved observe them in a similar manner.


This is the most important element of TADA. After you have succeeded in using it, it will be the easiest element to use.

Unconditional Acceptance means total lack of judgement of what you are observing.

It means that you totally and unconditionally accept the behaviour you are observing.

Accepting does not mean agreeing. It simply means that you are refusing to pass judgment on yourself or others.

So if the stressful event leaves you as a trembling doughy mass on the carpet then you state "I accept this feeling of fear".

If you are spitting out hurtful abuse you state "I accept the fact that my mouth is out of control".

If someone is hurling abuse at you, you state "I accept the fact that (name) is out of control".

One thing that should be clear to you by now is that people do not "choose" to behave like hurtful monsters. They were "made" to behave that way.

If you observe a baby you will not find any hints or evil, racism, or hatred in that baby. Everyone was a baby once--including you.

Unconditional Acceptance does not condone their actions. Nothing about the TADA system is about judging others or yourself. TADA deals only with facts.

Acceptance does not mean cowering or surrendering and does not mean condoning. You are simply accepting that the situation is happening and that it is happening for a reason.

If you find yourself being out of control then you accept the fact that you are out of control without judgement--no matter how much you have been brought up to believe that you are "bad" or "evil".

You simply refuse to pass judgment. This is vital to the TADA technique.

Stating that you are accepting the event is necessary at first. However, as you use the TADA technique you will find it to be more spontaneous.


This element is easy for some people and a little challenging for others.

However, be assured that the moment you start using the TADA technique, you will find it increasingly easy to adopt the trust element.

The element of trust implies that the stressful events that are happening and recurring in your life are there for a perfect reason-and that reason is good.

As you progress using TADA you will realise that every stressful event and every toxic person that you have met occurred to propel you further on the path of evolution.

Indeed, if you examine your life and past events, you will find that some stressful events are no longer recurring. This is so because you have evolved past these events.

The trust element assures you that the moment you "get it", the stressful events dissolve and the toxic people disappear.

The trust element also has the potential to open new doors and new currently hidden pathways-but that comes later.

For now, let's focus on getting control over our lives, for the real reason why you are becoming overwhelmed by the stressful events is that you feel powerless.






Watch The De-stressing Practice Video Every Day

There are two parts to this video.  
The first part is the Reminder Practice.
The second part is a 35 minutes relaxation video with brain entrainment 
and the Schumann Earth Frequency embedded


Practical uses of the The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach

Using the simple TADA technique will help you to naturally develop stress management and life enriching skills. The more you put the TADA approach to use and the more "discoveries" you will make. These improvements will take place spontaneously--nothing to read, nothing to learn and no gurus to consult.

This is because TADA taps in the power of your own mind to heal all aspects of your life. It does not take a very high IQ to figure out that the incredibly complex and intelligent human body was created with a self-repair mechanism which also included the mind--the most powerful aspect of the human experience.

These are reported "discoveries" made by people who are using the The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach:

All these "discoveries" took place by pure "chance"--with resources and ideas popping up out of thin air.

There is no doubt in my mind that using The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach will put power back into your life and it will invariably cause you to live a productive, purposeful and happy life. The degree of this power will vary, but you will experience a definite improvement.

What you need to do now to use The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach

Some subscribers report that the TADA approach becomes second nature after only 30 days of watching the video. Personally I like to watch the video at least once a day (early in the morning). I intend to do so indefinitely because the benefits of TADA are so valuable in my life.

What The Thereisaway Alternative De-Stressing Approach is NOT MEANT TO DO


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