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free Ho'oponopono cleaning tools
This image is an Ho'oponopono cleaning tool --
 Welcome to your free Ho'oponopono cleaning too!. If you are new to Ho'oponopono, please visit the audio meditation site for more information.

I will be adding more and more cleaning tools as they become available, so please check on a regular basis.  If you have joined our forum, you can read about updates on this free Ho'oponopono cleaning tool page.

This site will also provide you with instructions on how to create your own Ho'oponopono cleaning tools.  If you would like to share them, place a note on the forum with the url of where the cleaning tool is located.

Please note that the cleaning tools below or any of the images on this site may not be copied or used for commercial use.  Additionally, please do not "force" these tools onto anyone--please do not mass distribute them.  Give them only if you are asked to do so or if you are inspired to do so. 

Remember that you have no right to force your opinions or beliefs onto anyone else--even if you "think" they may help others. 

Rather use your cleaning practice, breathing exercise and meditation to eliminate what is in you that is causing the adverse condition to manifest in the other person's life.



free Ho'oponopono swipe cards

How this cleaning tool came about: Contains information that is really only important to me.  It tells why and how the Blue Bell Ho'oponopono Cleaning Tool was created.

Ho'oponopono cards

Full size image for download and reproduction (not for resale or commercial use):  This is a good quality image that you can use to your own personal use.  It is good enough to print a poster, A4 photo frame, or image to place on a vision board.

Word Templates in a zipped package (not for resale or commercial use):  There are three templates one for swipe cards (these are business sized cards that you can use to swipe objects to help remove negative energies), meditation cards, label stickers and transparencies.  Print them on quality photo paper, transparencies and even t-shirt transfers--they look absolutely beautiful.

Future links to other free cleaning tools as they become available: If you receive the inspiration to produce an Ho'oponopono cleaning tool and want to share it, post a message in the forum.  Please make sure to clean and clean and clean over this impulse before acting.








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Please enable the Active Sync on this site to hear the beautiful Ho'oponopono Song by Aman Ryusuke Seto.




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How to make your very own vision board - play it on your PC, Ipod or TV Screen!

  How to make your own vision board







Thanks to Aman Ryusuke Seto for allowing me to use his beautiful Ho'oponopono Song as a theme for this site and meditations.  The Album Ho'oponopono Song is available from the iTunes Store. 

Thank you to Diana Wesley Bay for allowing me to use the I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you theme from her beautiful Ho'oponopono silk scarfs

Thank you to Sue Forrester from Austraflora & Flora For Fauna for the Blue Bell photograph

Thank you to Suzanne Burns of Intentional Treasures for finding Diana Wesley Bay :)

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Ho'oponopono cleaning