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Learn how to breathe correctly with the Breathing Exercise Video

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Do you hold your breath, especially when stressed? Are you often stressed and anxious? This breathing exercise video can help relax you and put life back into perspective.  The breathing exercise video will easily guide through the process of restoring your natural balance and breathing rhythm.  

At birth we breathe correctly, however as we grow older we "forget" the natural breathing flow and we adopt shallow breathing and holding our breath during times of stress and anxiety.  This in turn causes the stress levels to increase since lack of adequate oxygen in the blood further exacerbates the destructive effects of stress on our brain and nervous system.

Panic attacks, insomnia, digestive disorders and a host of other diseases are induced by stress and poor breathing contributes to these conditions.  Fortunately good breathing techniques can also help remedy the damage.  The art of Hatha Yoga is one such beneficial method.
This breathing exercise causes you to learn how to breathe correctly using an easy isometric exercise for the stomach, and may also help with the relief of stress and panic attacks. Pulling the belly button towards the spine engages and retrains the deepest abdominal muscles. This also has a strengthening effect on the spine.

To maximise the beneficial effect I embedded the Schuman Frequency (The beneficial Earth Frequency) in the audio file.  The end result is a relaxing and beneficial breathing experience and stress relieving tool.













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Breathing Exercise Video | How to breathe correctly