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free breathing exercise audio video

Welcome to the 10 steps breathing exercise audio visual

Just a single nag to remind you that I am making this breathing exercise guided audio meditation and all the other chants, tools and meditations available to you on the understanding that you agree to donate a few minutes of your time each day to help another person anonymously and without charge using the miracle healing prayer.

I also encourage you to chant the Source Healing Chant at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm your time.  By doing this you will do your part in increasing the level of positive energy in your immediate environment and beyond.  You will also attract immense benefits--both spiritual and physical.


Who can use the 10 steps breathing exercise

Even the most sceptical left-brainer will not dispute the value of breathing--so this breathing exercise is for everyone left and right brainers alike.  I have many right-brain friends and they all concede that my 10 steps breathing exercise has greatly improved their lives.  Try it, you have nothing to lose.

  • As a general rule if you are able to breathe you can safely use this breathing exercise. 

  • Please do not use this breathing exercise while driving or doing any other task that requires your full attention :-)

  • If you are under medical care (mental of physical) check with your practitioner before using this breathing exercise.  By downloading and using my breathing exercise you agree to take full responsibility for your physical and mental health.




About the 10 steps breathing exercise

I call this breathing meditation the 10 Steps breathing exercise because it comprises of 10 rounds of breathing :-).  Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, breathe out for 5 seconds and hold for 5 seconds.  The entire process will take about 4 minutes to complete--and these will be 4 minutes very well spent.  The audio or video file will guide you gently through the process so you can totally relax and flow through the experience.

To make the breathing exercise even more appealing, I have included a rich and pulsating background drone and a variety of humpback whale songs.  These whale sounds are charged with a powerful beneficial energy that is likely to lift your spirits and soothe your mind.  Indeed, many holistic practitioners use whale songs to treat their patients with remarkable and tangible success.

The guided breathing exercise is based on the proven and revered art of Hatha Yoga.  It is primarily a spiritual experience--of course getting you to breathe correctly will also provide you with immense physical benefits--but it is primarily a spiritual experience. 

The Breathing Exercise will also help clear negative energies from your immediate self and surroundings.  People using this breathing exercise have reported that immediately after completing it all seems to be still around them--even overactive children and pets seem to respond.

I strongly recommend that you practise this breathing exercise before meditation or prayer or any other spiritual practice.  The breathing will help clear ego related energies that prevent you from making contact with the Creator.


Advanced mode

The advanced mode is not necessary for obtaining marvellous results.  However, practising the Yoga 3 Part breath in conjunction with this breathing exercise will prove to be extremely beneficial.   I am told that babies and children naturally practise the diaphragm breathing method until they learn the less healthy and unnatural form of chest breathing. 

Both the yoga 3 part breathing and the diaphragm or abdominal breathing will work wonderfully with my 10 Steps Breathing Exercise.







Download the 10 Steps breathing exercise audio

You are allowed to download and freely distribute my 10 steps breathing exercise audio and video for personal use and for any not-for-profit or non-commercial purposes.   Of course, don't forget to participate in the chant for world peace project!





View the free breathing exercise video with whale songs. 

The hatha yoga video video will start playing in a few seconds depending on your internet connection speed.

Feel free to use and distribute the video for any not-for-profit or non-commercial purposes. 

You may download the free Hatha yoga breathing video with whale songs here.

Free breathing exercise audio with whale songs:  Download the free audio file now Right click on the link and Save As.  The file is an MP3 (10Mb).  Feel free to use and distribute this chant for any non commercial purposes.


Other breathing videos

This how to breathe correctly video will play in a few seconds.  The delay depends on your
internet connection.  You can download a free video of the breathing exercise here :-)



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